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Monday, October 5, 2020

Inspired by . . . New Series: Headlines

The day of the print newspaper may be going the way of the dinosaur but a good headline can still capture our attention and tease us into reading more.

Some of the most famous - and infamous - headlines include:

The bombing of Pearl Harbor

Man's walk on the moon

The Kennedy assassination

The sinking of the Titanic,

and more recently

The attacks of 9/11

It's hard to find real news anymore. These days, everything is written with an agenda. The media seems to think that politics is (or should be) the center of our world. Good news stories, if they are reported on at all, are regulated to the last 15-30 seconds of a news cast.

Suffice it to say, we could all use a little good news. So for the next 30 days or so I'm going to be offering just that: Good News from the Scriptures.

The stories in the Bible aren't Hebrew nursery rhymes designed to delight and entertain. Rather they are a record of people, just like you and me, chosen by God to love and serve Him. Their story, like ours, is really His story. We can learn from the failures, successes and the events that shaped their lives. Ultimately, through the scriptures, in both the Old and New Testament, we meet Jesus.

And Jesus is the best news of all!

I hope you'll join me.


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