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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Inspired by . . . Life thru My Lens Revisited: Vol. I

In case you're not on IG, I posted this last week:

I used to post this fun meme a couple times a month on my blog. I've haven't had much time for blogging over the last year so the last time I posted LTML was back in January of 2019.
I really miss sharing these virtual "walks" with you!

Life thru the Lens was started by my friend Lisa Kerner and I began participating back in 2015 - I did some digging and was surprised to find that since then I've posted this meme 90 times!
Social media is different now. People are looking for the perfect picture with the perfectly articulated caption.

But perhaps some of you are still willing to slow your scroll and walk quietly with a friend. I hope so. . .

Will you walk with me?

My firecracker coneflowers are attracting the hummingbirds! It's nice to capture them sipping at something prettier than my feeder.

We have one baby so far this year. Mamma is very protective!

Do you like bugs? There are a few on my kill first, look second list but as a rule I find them fascinating. These little grasshoppers have such a friendly face!

June's full moon is the Strawberry or Honey moon. I thought this capture with the cell tower in front was kind of fun.

Until next time . . .


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