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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Inspired by . . .  Life thru My Lens 14:52

I hope you all had a wonderful, holy week last week. I was blessed to follow Christ's footsteps through His week. If you're interested in reading my thoughts you can find a link to each day's post on the right side-bar.

My front yard has been as entertaining as ever this week! 

For some reason, the Cardinals prefer our dog's water bowl over my beautiful new fountain. Once the repairs on my ancient birdbath are finished I will have a better option for them.

The hummer count is increasing daily! Once the ruby-throats start passing through things will get really interesting. 

Current "yard-boss"

This time of year, you never know what might be passing through. I spotted an unusual bird last week and was able to get enough pictures to make an ID.

It can be a bit challenging this time of year since so many birds are first-year or immature males.

I'm pretty sure this beauty is an immature yellow-rumped warbler (Audobon's).

The map shows them as a winter visitor. So this guy is likely heading north to the breeding grounds in Canada - maybe even as far north as Alaska! 

It's always fun to see a new bird! Think of all the fun I miss when I'm inside working at my desk!

My perennials are coming along nicely in the garden. And I finally got some annuals planted in the porch pots. Geraniums were my dad's favorite, so I always like to have some around. 

This year, I added creeping jenny to the pots on the railing.

What are you seeing through your lens this week?

Have a wonder-filled week, friends!

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