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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Inspired by . . . A Season in Scripture II

God, endow the king with Your own justice, his royal person with Your righteousness, that he may govern Your people rightly and deal justly with Your oppressed ones. Psalms 72:1-2
Psalm 72, the last recorded prayer of David, was written for his son, Solomon. A dying blessing, a prayer of a king for his successor, a prayer for the subjects to sing to their new king.
May he fear You as long as the sun endures, and as the moon throughout the ages. v. 5
As you read through and ponder these verses one thing becomes clear - no earthly king could succeed at all these things.  Solomon, certainly, the wisest of all, with a wisdom given to him by God, was more likely to succeed than any other. Yet, we know the end of his story.
For he will rescue the needy who appeal for help, the distressed who have no protector. He will have pity on the poor and needy, and deliver the needy from death; he will redeem them from oppression and violence and their blood will be precious in his eyes. v. 12-14
Reading these verses in light of our New Testament reveals the precious promises of the coming Messiah. We see the prophecy of prosperity and timelessness of the kingdom of Christ.

The darkness of these days can not blot out the coming Light:

  • There shall be a righteous government. v. 2 All the laws of Christ's kingdom are consistent with the laws of equity. No one will be exempt from the last judgment. The world will be judged in righteousness. (Acts 17:31)
  • There shall be a peaceful government. v. 3 While Solomon's reign was peaceful, true peace is the glory of God's kingdom because it reconciles man to God and men to one another. For He is our PEACE.
  • There shall be a protective government. v. 3; 12-14 The poor and needy shall be, in a particular way, protected. Because they have no helper and because they cry unto Him, He has promised to answer their prayers and to help them. Christ is the poor man's King.
  • All wrongs will be made right. v. 4 Proud oppressors shall be reckoned with. Christ will take away their power to hurt and punish them for all they have done. He shall save us from the power of Satan. Both the old serpent who seeks to deceive and the roaring lion who seeks to terrify and destroy us.
  • Religion shall flourish. v. 5 Faith in Christ brings about the fear of God. So as Christ's government promotes devotion to God, so it promotes both justice and charity among men. v. 7 Righteousness will endure.
  • Christ's government shall cover the whole earth. v. 8 He will have dominion from sea to sea. He shall reign over all. From those who dwell in the wilderness, to those in cottages to those who dwell in the finest palaces. 
  • The Lord Jesus shall reign forever! v. 5, 7 It is Christ and Christ alone Who will be feared throughout all generations and Who will endure as the moon forevermore. His name shall endure FOREVER!
Men shall be blessed. v. 17 Truly and forever blessed in HIM.

As we wait in the darkness of this day may we hold fast to the promise of Gen 12:3; that in HIM all the nations of the earth will be blessed! It is a promise soon to be fulfilled!


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