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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Inspired by . . . Sing to Jesus: Day 29

Continuing the #write31day challenge  . . . you can find the entire series here.

Today's Reading:

Today's Offering:

The voice of the Lord! Psalm 29

We see here a voice, a sound such as our ear has never known.  Breath, the breath of God that resonates so as to shatter cedars and cause the deer to give birth! 

The voice of the Lord! Genesis 1

We see here that God spoke and created the heavens and the earth.

The voice of the Lord! John 1

We see here that God was not alone when He spoke the heavens and earth into existence.  "The Word was in God's presence and what God was, the Word was." 


"So the Word became flesh; He made His home among us, and we saw His glory, such glory as befits the Father's only Son, full of grace and truth." (vs 14)

The voice of the Lord - the Word of God: Jesus Christ! Colossians 1

We see here that in Him, that is Jesus, "everything in heaven and on earth was created, not only things visible but also the invisible orders of thrones, sovereignties, authorities, and powers; the whole universe has been created through Him and for Him." (vs 16)

The voice of the Lord is powerful to make flames of fire burst forth spontaneously and yet a gentle word from Jesus was enough to heal, even those who were far off, of their infirmity. (Matt 15:18; Mark 5:23, etc)

These are the Truths that Psalm 29 awaken to my mind as I read.

What Truths of God are you pondering today?

Blessings on your Sabbath,

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