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Friday, October 27, 2017

Inspired by . . . Sing to Jesus: Day 27

Continuing the #write31day challenge  . . . you can find the entire series here.

Today's Reading:

Today's Offering:

Who or what have you placed at the center of your life? That one person/thing that your world revolves around that brings order and sense to everything else.

Is it a child? a mate? a job? yourself? another family member? your church, activity or sport?

Really examine your life. Look at your bank account (where you spend your money) and how you spend your time. Is there a balance or does everything point to one of the things listed above? 

Any one of the things listed above is expendable. I don't need to tell you how. If you're honest, you will see the truth of it for yourself.

When you look at David's life and the long, dangerous path to the day when he finally claimed the throne you see the truth of his claim in Psalm 27: "The Lord is the stronghold of my life."

Stronghold: fortress, home, refuge, center

The psalms speak again and again to the worth of putting God first in your life.

He is our Saviour.
His love is sure and unfailing.
He protects us by the strength of His love.
His faithfulness is everlasting.
He heals our broken spirit and binds our wounds.
He waters the earth and feeds the birds.
He blesses us and brings us peace.

These truths about God barely touch the surface of Who He is.

Do you know Him? More importantly, have you put Him at the very CENTER of your life?

When something good happens do you go to Him first with praise?
When something bad happens do you go to Him first for help?
When you need direction, comfort, affirmation do you seek answers from Him first?

You'll never get God's voicemail, He'll never put you on hold or ask you to wait for the next commercial.

He is always available. In fact, He's waiting to hear from YOU now.

I shall praise You among the peoples, Lord, among the nations I shall raise a psalm to You, for Your unfailing love is high as the heavens; Your faithfulness reaches to the skies.


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