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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Inspired by . . . the gold of His love

In her short story, The Two Caves, Elizabeth Goudge says of the man Jesus, "The child grew to be a man of great strength and vaster love and there was no experience known to men, joyous or appalling, peaceful or agonizing, through which he did not in some way pass, leaving the gold of his love at the heart of it to shine upon us as each in our turn we come to the happy or hard things of our life."

I love the thought of Jesus' love shining down on us with a golden light. 

Gold is mentioned over four hundred times in the Bible. The vast majority of those references are in the Old Testament, scriptures pertaining to the tabernacle and the temple. Gold was at the heart of God's dwelling place. 

Jesus is the heart of God. [click to tweet]

Gold is precious and pure. Incorruptible. 

Of course, the love of Jesus is all these things. But what did Goudge mean by the "gold of His love"? I can't know for sure, but here is what I think:

The very essence of His love is grace. [click to tweet]  Grace is what we need in every experience of life, whether joyous or appalling, peaceful or agonizing. 

His grace is sufficient. He is sufficient.

Christ alone.

I wonder, friend, are we allowing the gold of His love to shine on and through us as we face the hard things of life? the happy things?


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