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Friday, May 5, 2017

Inspired by . . . weakness

The rhythms of my days have changed. I'm trying to embrace the changes, but most days I fail.

Weakness is a hard teacher. Her lessons are humility and patience. I thought I'd come farther along, but each day reveals my lack.

If God's power is made perfect in my weakness then I have to trust that there is a purpose in this season. Even though I can't see it now, He is perfect in all His ways and I must trust Him and this process.

I wonder if this cloak of darkness that covers me and fills my limbs with led isn't a gift? Is this how Christ felt as He walked ever closer to the cross? Can we really identify with Him in His sufferings? Maybe not fully, but I think it benefits us to try.

The JOY of the morning often comes after the weeping of the night. [click to tweet]

For how can we live to Christ if we do not first die to Him? This is the process of sanctification. May the hardships of this life mortify our sin and raise us to newness in life.

This is one of the lessons of Lent, I think. There is darkness, but it is not a hollow darkness devoid of hope and promise.

The sheer, raw beauty of the cross is that it is not the end.  It is the beginning and yet a fulfillment of a plan put into motion before the creation of the world.

So great is our Father's love for us.


I wrote the words above several weeks ago now but, somehow, forgot and never went back to finish and hit publish.

I thought about discarding them all together but they still resonate strongly with me and, I think, are worth sharing.

There are a few things we all have in common in this life. The frailty of our human condition and the suffering that results is one of them.

There can be beauty in weakness. A purpose to our suffering. Scars can be badges of honor.

When God is glorified and our faith increases.

It's difficult when we're in the midst of a trial to step back and see what God is doing. We often don't have the emotional reserves or clarity of mind to do so. 

Amy shared a wonderful quote from Lilias Trotter's biography on her blog Velvet Ashes earlier this week:
“we do not need to come again and again to wring an unwilling answer out of our Father, but to search in His Word till He gives a promise which meets our case and then step out on it in the bare faith which believes that it receives.”
This, I think, is the one thing we need as we walk through the valley. Find the promise in His word that meets your need.[click to tweet

It's there. It is always there. Grab onto it with both hands of faith. Sit and wait with it, or step out over the cliff with it, whichever it may be that He is calling you to do.


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