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Monday, May 8, 2017

Inspired by . . . Life thru My Lens 19:52

Hello, friends!

It's been another busy week around here. I don't dare step through the front door without my camera these days.

The squirrel and the blue jays have been fighting over the new peanut feeder. Actually, the squirrel gets first dibs, while the blue jay flies back and forth scolding him until he's had his fill.

Interesting note, up until September of last year these guys were called Western Scrub-jays. The species was split in two. The "coastal" form is now called the California Scrub-jay and the "interior" form (which we have here in Texas) are called Woodhouse's Scrub-jay. You can read more about it here if you're interested.

It's fascinating to watch the hierarchy played out at the feeders. The blue jay and the woodpecker are about equal. Next are the cardinals, then the white-winged doves. Although the doves are larger than the cardinals, they are very passive.

The finches, titmice, and sparrows usually err on the side of caution and fly no matter what. The hummingbirds, being the smallest, aren't afraid of anyone! They will buzz even the largest of the backyard birds!

My lantana is doing its job well! I've seen quite a variety of pollinators this week.

The Gulf Fritillary is one of my favorites. There is such a contrast between the upper and under wing patterns. You can see a hint of it in the image below.

The hummingbird moth was back!

I believe this is a Juvenal's Duskywing.

I was thrilled to capture this beauty. The small yellow / green / white butterflies almost never stop moving! I haven't been able to positively ID this one. I believe it is in the Pieridae family and probably one of the sulphurs. Comments are welcome!

The Great-crested Flycatcher is still hanging around. I really hope that means he's found a mate and is nesting somewhere close by.

And now for some comic relief . . .

See 'ya!

What are you seeing through your lens this week?

Have a wonder-filled day!

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