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Monday, February 20, 2017

Inspired by . . . Life thru My Lens 08:52

We had a severe thunderstorm last night. The kind that has you lying in bed thinking about where the lightning might strike and roof tiles hurtling through the air. It was impossible to sleep, the rain was lashing the west side of the house hard enough to peel paint. I imagined awakening to trees stripped of their leaves and most of their limbs, standing like naked sentinels. But they are made of sterner stuff than my imagination. We had no visible damage and, best of all, there were raindrops to photograph.

I don't have a macro lens, so it's a bit tricky. But I did get one or two worthy shots.

As promised in last week's post, the pear tree is in its dress whites this week. I wish I could share the scent with you {sigh}.

If I wasn't such a ninny I would string up a hammock and sleep under its boughs. I would dream of Narnia in the springtime and the bees and butterflies would bring me nectar for food.

Trees are so much wiser than we humans. They are older and remember things we never knew. They know things about the earth that we should have kept sacred but instead, have chosen to forget.

The great, bending oaks and still-naked hackberry don't judge the pear for flaunting its spring finery. They know God made each according to its kind.

They are wise enough to see that the individual, unique and special, is still part of the whole.

Since the pear tree and the butterflies, and the south Texas weather are determined to be more like spring than winter, the #shadesofwinter challenge is becoming more challenging by the week.

This week's prompt is #winterathome and Lisa, Kristy and the other participants have posted some lovely, snowy examples!

As I pondered this prompt and what winter at home looks like for me I kept coming back to the one thing that is constant in my home during the winter. The poinsettia.

I buy one as soon as they're in the stores and their red and dark green leaves brighten my home well into spring. Despite the fact that poinsettias are a tropical plant, they symbolize winter at home to me.

What symbolizes winter at home to you?


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