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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Inspired by . . . Life thru My Lens 14:52

I enJOY sharing these weekly views with all of you. Thank you, Lisa & Mersad, for hosting the fun link ups that motivate me!

The wildflowers are out in full force. I've been glad to see more bluebonnets than ever on our property this year. That means they are re seeding and spreading - yay!

You don't often see pictures of the bluebonnet's leaves. They are quite good at collecting water droplets.

There are some lessons that I just can't seem to learn. Taking my camera with me AT ALL TIMES, is one of them. During one of my walks last week I spotted a little ball of red sitting atop a dead stalk of common mullein. His quick flight, hover, and return told me it was likely the coveted vermilion flycatcher! By the time I walked to the house and back, I figured he'd be long gone. After taking some pics of the bluebonnets, I mulled around under the trees for a bit - and then - a quick flash -

Who was that masked bird?

They are so small, these little flycatchers. And like most small birds, they're big on personality! I was thrilled to finally see, and capture one! I hope he stays around!

We've had a lot of froggy mornings this week. Since I don't have to drive in it, I don't mind waking up to a bit of fog. It leaves everything fresh and new once the sun burns through. 

Besides the vermilion, which was definitely the highlight of my week, my scissor-tailed flycatchers are back! So far, I've only seen two, but I'm hoping they stick around and have a family like they have done the last two years. 

And then, on Friday, we had this:

Hail, which pretty much decapitated my poor geraniums.

I know many of you can relate to the crazy weather this spring. Sometimes odd weather patterns can impact migratory birds, as well, and you might be seeing some unusual birds in your neighborhood.

I need some id help with this pair. They came to visit me while I was planting my seedlings this past week. After the hail storm, thankfully.

At first, I thought they were my Phoebe pair. But when I downloaded my pictures, and looked again, I realize they are noticeably larger than the Phoebes. Definitely some type of flycatcher. My best guess is the Great Crested Flycatcher, but I'd love some help with this one!

What are you seeing
through your lens
this week?


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