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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Inspired by . . . Life thru My Lens 6:52

We've had some glorious sunny days this past week, but I confess, the cold north wind has been keeping me inside. I just do not like the wind. The sun teases me through the windows with her warm golden rays, and I fall for it every time!  I venture out onto the porch, all seems warm and sunny - and then, I'm blasted by Mr. North Wind!

If I had to guess, I'd say the birds don't like Mr. North Wind either. He teases their feathers, and slithers underneath to bite their soft skin. Their only defense is to puff up, and bear it!

Lessor Goldfinch (Texas form)
I'm sure it's the cold that is driving them to my suet feeder so often. The added fat helps them stay warm. 

I shared my Scrub Jays with you last week, but I like the shadows in this capture, so I'm sharing him again. He's got his eye on the prize!

The black-crested titmice are back again, too. They are so fast, and difficult to capture. I think these are two of my best so far.

I haven't seen very many Lessor Goldfinches around this winter. But the finches that do come are eating my sunflower seed, not the nyjer I put out for them. They've always eaten the nyjer before. The seed is new, and doesn't have a funny smell, so I'm stumped.

Anyone experiencing the same? Ideas?

Lessor Goldfinch {female}

I'm hearing more bird song these days. I always know when the House Finches are in the yard. Their song is one of my favorites. So JOYful! You can listen to it here.

House Finch

Did you know that our ears are designed specifically to hear birdsong? It's true!
“…we have a very discreet bandwidth of supersensitive hearing and that's between 2.5 and 5 kilohertz in the resident frequencies of the auditory canal,” Gordon tells host Krista Tippett. “Is there something in our ancestors' environment that matches our peak hearing human sensitivity? Because most of what I'm saying right now, except for the "s" sounds and the high-pitched sounds, falls well below that range. And, indeed, there's a perfect match: birdsong. Birdsong.”  - Gordon Hempton, a self-proclaimed acoustic ecologist

I think that's pretty special!
What are you seeing through
your lens this week?


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