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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Inspired by . . . personality

I think everyone would agree that dogs and cats have personality. But that camp divides strongly when you start talking about other animals, like fish, for instance. Until you’ve owned an aquarium and experienced different kinds fish you’re unlikely to believe they have much personality at all.

Keep on swimming, keep on swimming, keep on swimming . . . but I digress.

Point being, the longer you spend with any creature, observing them, interacting with them, etc. the more likely you are to start seeing, and even begin understanding their personality.

I mentioned in a post last week that I had seen two new-to-me birds recently. I shared number one with you already. I think you’ll agree that number two is Mr. Personality!




The Blue-gray Gnatcatcher. Isn’t he adorable?

I thought wrens were quick. This little guy is in constant motion! I had so much fun chasing this little guy with my camera. Trust me, he displays some serious cuteness!




As he moves through the outer foliage, he flicks his tail back and forth scaring up insects which he then chases, captures and eats. Pairs use spider webs and lichen to build their nests. Sounds like a fairy house! Wouldn’t it be neat to find one!




These energetic little birds are wide-spread, but not abundant. I encourage you to check out the range map at allaboutbirds.org to see if they might be seen in your area. Since they often incorporate snippets of other bird’s songs into their own, they’ve been nicknamed the “Little Mockingbird.”  All-in-all a delightful little bird to add to my list!




Now I have a favor to ask. I spotted another new-to-me bird just this morning and can’t make a positive id.  The photos aren’t the best, as I was just trying to get enough to id the bird. I think it may be a Grasshopper Sparrow, maybe a juvenile, but I’m not sure. Can you help? Keep in mind I’m in south Texas and a lot of birds are migrating through this time of year.

(Note: I think we have a positive id, thanks to Eileen! Eileen identified our mystery bird as a female Black-headed Grosbeak. Thank you, Eileen!)


 Grasshopper_Sparrow     Grasshopper_Sparrow2


Grasshopper_Sparrow_back     Grasshopper_Sparrow_beakopen


Even though it might not feel much like it in Texas, there is a sense that the seasons are changing.

Critter behavior is a clear sign of change.

We’d do well to watch and listen.





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