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Monday, March 2, 2015

Inspired by . . . Life thru My Lens 9:52

This was supposed to be Life thru My Lens 8:52, but often sometimes life doesn’t happen according to our plan. My love’s birthday was last week, so Monday and Tuesday were consumed with preparations. His gift, an aquarium, took some planning - and some rearranging of the furniture! Said aquarium is happily bubbling along, awaiting LIFE.

Believe it or not, a week ago we were enjoying 75 degree weather and SUN. These pictures prove it, even though we’ve been in the 30’s and 40’s under a mask of grey and freezing rain since then. The sun will come out tomorrow? Not likely. We’re looking at this for another week, although with warmer temps. A friend of mine suggested that all the rain we’ve had this winter will make for a good wildflower season. Her words ignite a spark of HOPE. I hope these images do the same in the hearts of those of you who are still several feet under WHITE. Enjoy.


"Honor the space between no longer and not yet." ~Nancy Levin





The quintessential early bird, this American Robin was found digging for worms under a bench in Fredericksburg, Texas.




This gateway at Wildseed Farms beckons young and old explorers alike. I was hoping to find a feathered friend or two on the other side, but alas, the feeders were empty.




Even in the winter there is beauty to be found here. I was disappointed to see that they let their ponds go during the off season. Last time I was here they were teaming with frogs and fish.

Now they are overcome with another, lower, form of life.





A pair of salt marsh moths enjoying the rosemary.





I noticed this weathervane as we were leaving the farm . . .

. . . and we were greeted by this fellow when we arrived home.






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  1. So lovely pictures, bringing hope of new life.
    Greetings Elisabeth

  2. Hi June,
    The power of new life and growth amazes us each spring - lovely indeed! A beautiful edit with Kim's Magic texture!
    Blessings to your week,

  3. Those blooms are so refreshing on this dreary day. I have never seen that moth species before--how interesting and beautiful they are. You've got some FAB shots here! You are really mastering that camera.

  4. Yes, Spring truly is coming! Thank you for stopping by, Elisabeth!

  5. Coming from you, sweet Gail, that is a compliment indeed! Thank you! I really enjoy the camera and really should take more time to learn more of the settings. Discipline. That daffodil raises my spirits each time I look at it. The view from my window is very grey today. Have a blessed week!

  6. Thank you, Nina! It's so nice to see you here :) Blessings to you as well!

  7. Beautiful nature images. Visiting from Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday.

  8. Beautiful imagines. We too were having warm lovely temperatures and the last few days are back to cold. But we haven't had snow like most of North America. For that I am truly grateful. We do tend to get a lot of rain instead and that helps the grass and flowers to grow.
    (I'm not trying to leave a hot link here but it may come through that way. Just trying to leave my addy so you know where to find me).


  9. It is being a long dreary period here in Texas. And we do need the rain!

  10. Beautiful warm day photos! I adore Fredricksburg. Sorry things got cold again!

  11. beautiful deer! nice entrance, too. i just heard the weatherman say tonight that our snows will bring a good wildflower season. :)

  12. Pretty images, I love the deer and the robin! And the flowers are lovely.. Have a happy day and weekend!

  13. Hello June, I just wanted to stop back and say thank you for linking up and sharing your post.. Have a happy weekend!

  14. I'm glad you didn't post.... Happy Birthday to your hubby. Marsh Moths, I never knew their names, and that deer wowza, that is a terrific photo.

  15. Abundant wildflowers - that's what I'm hoping for - thanks, Tex!

  16. Thanks for stopping by, Eileen - happy weekend to you too!

  17. Thanks, Lisa! I was surprised I got a shot, he was pretty nervous.

  18. Spectacular shot of the buck, June.

    I like that Robin, too. Great colors!

  19. Great photos - I love how you've framed the shot of the gateway #lifethruthelens (and apologies for taking so long to pop over and comment)

  20. It's great to see you here, Stephanie! Thank you for your kind comment!

  21. Thanks so much! enjoyed your puppy pictures! and dancing parrots, lol!


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