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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Inspired by . . . life-giving water


It’s been raining for two days.

I stumble through my morning routine, but keep stopping to look out the window. Nature is on the move and I don’t want to miss a moment!

I haven’t had my coffee yet.

It’s dark in the house and grey outside, but my fingers are itching to feel the curved plastic, the familiar weight of compact technology.

The camera tells me what I already know: there’s not enough light, the images will blur.

I snap the picture anyway, eager to capture the first images of November.






There is something sacred about the way the earth receives the rain.

I think we sometimes forget that she is under this curse, too.




She who used to be watered daily by a mist bubbling up from within herself, now longs for the living water in a dry and weary land.

I share her longing.

During the rain she is mostly quiet. Hopeful.




When the rain ends . . .

.  . . have you noticed?




She sings a song of praise and thanksgiving!


With gratitude,




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  1. Love this! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous Fall images!

  2. Hi June! When you have a true passion for something, you just can't decide not do it. I understand your desire to photograph the beauty of the day. I really like the idea of the earth being in the same boat as we are. I never thought of that before...that animals and plants were given everything they needed too.

    The earth after it rains does look clearer, happier somehow. And I do like to see the diamond shine of rainwater on the leaves.
    I really enjoy your perspective June. Thank you!

  3. Dear June ... you have the loveliest of ways to make rain and grey and cold simply glorious. Thanks for bringing a smile to somewhere deep this morning.

    I so appreciate you ...

  4. I love how in tune you are with God in nature, June. You inspire me!

  5. Oh my goodness. Such beauty here, friend. Loved this . . . "She who used to be watered daily by a mist bubbling up from within herself, now longs for the living water in a dry and weary land." You have such a precious gift, June. Thank you for sharing it with us. xoxo

  6. i actually enjoy rainy days - great photos, June!

  7. Beautiful--words & pics! So glad I stopped by to "soak" this in. Blessings!

  8. So happy you snapped those first pictures of November - whether the light was just right or not. Every image teaches us something - and I love your gracious welcome of the rain.

  9. God is gracious to allow beauty to seep in despite the curse. He is so good like that! Thank you for your beautiful word today. visiting from the weekend brew.

  10. Beautiful, beautiful. Love these photos and the thoughts you share with them. Thank you June.

  11. Aw, wonderful! Those are really great shots and I don't see anything wrong with the lighting. Even with the blurry one. It's artistic. And those words, so powerful. We yearn for the Giver of Life to fill us up every time.

  12. Oh, this was so beautiful! It is disappointing to be all ready to shoot and the light is uncooperative. Despite that, you managed some fine photos here!


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