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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Inspired by . . . sounds of summer




insect wings

leaves caressing

hummers warning

bird call

shifting boards

highway hurry

water sprayer

chimes singing

 God’s whisper



What sounds of summer are you hearing?





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  1. Hi June! I am so glad that you are writing about summer. A few blogs are already talking about fall. What? It's plenty warm here, and I am not ready to face the change of seasons.
    I was just commenting last night that the locusts are really loud in the evening. It's like an orchestra! As soon as it gets dark, they fold up their wings and it's silent...until the next day. It's a wonderful symphony, and reminds me of summer.
    Have a wonderful summer Wednesday :)

  2. Beautiful shot. I like the variation on the leaves. Here we here grasshoppers singing. The one thing I won't miss is the wasps. They haave been really bad this summer abd are always around our door and outdoor table.

  3. 'insect wings.'

    i love that, June. i need to be still a whole lot more so I might possibly hear them breathing.

    oh so quietly ...

    like the leaves beginning their downward spiral toward the earth.

  4. Oh my! The contrast of your shot is stunning. What a fantastic capture of the bee and the essence of summer sound.

  5. This is lovely. What type of a plant is that. I love variegated plants.

  6. Stunning photograph!!!! and our summer sounds are// slamming doors and singing birds, clucking chickens, and crazy deer, balls smacking into mitts, and laughter.. lots of laughter

  7. Beautiful photos -- lovely thoughts. Our summer has been quite different this year.

  8. June. The photo, with your words, create a symphony - a symphony of love. To sit still in the sounds of the present can only call us to the Creator. Thank you for letting me join in. The praise was amazing. The harmony was in rhythm to beat of His heart. The moment holy.

  9. Lovely thoughts about many sounds we take for granted every day, like the buzz of a bee...we depend on them so much! But, do we listen to their sounds? Really nice post!

    I read Hinds Feet In High Places years ago and hadn't thought about it in so long! How nice to be reminded! There will be a few people in my Saturday Critters post upcoming that we hope had hinds feet! :-) Hope your summer is lovely, and greatly blessed!

  10. First of all you have to know that I'm in love with the flowers of your photograph, but here in Italy it doesn't seem possible to have them, it's a dream to me to have them in my garden !
    About the sound inspiring me during the summertime, well, every little sound coming from Nature is such a great inspirationto me, a blessing going straight to my heart <3

    With much love and thankfulness

  11. This shot was lovely, and your words just perfect!!

  12. Apparently my air conditioner stopped working so with the windows open I'm hearing crickets maybe? Not really sure. But love the sounds and while it's a little hot I do love sitting here with the windows open. The mosquitoes the past few days have been too horrible to be outside for long in the evening. xoxo


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