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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Inspired by . . . beep, beep

Every since I got my new camera, which delights me anew every day, I’ve gotten into the habit of never going anywhere without it. Because it seemed as if every time I left it at home, even if I was just going to the grocer, I’d miss a photo opportunity!
I mean, what are the odds of seeing a porcupine at the local Whataburger?
But there he was, climbing down the tree to hide in the bushes next to the drive through lane. The people ordering dinner wondered why the crazy woman with the camera was taking pictures of the shrubbery, lol.
So the other day, I arrived home from the grocer, in a bit of a hurry, unloaded all the groceries from my car - - and forgot to bring the camera inside.
After completing a few tasks, the reason for my afore mentioned haste, I walked to the kitchen sink and what do you think I saw outside the window in my front yard?
The elusive Greater Roadrunner. A top item on my photo bucket list.
I lunge for my camera, which of course, is still in the car. Seriously, what.are.the.odds?
My limited experience with Geococcyx californianus is that they are very skittish birds. I figure it’s from being chased by Wyle E. Coyote for so many years.
The odds of me sneaking out of the house, across the porch and over to the car to retrieve the camera and still getting a shot seemed slim.
And yet . . .
. . . sneak, I did.


Shoot, I did.


I discovered later the same day, when I spotted this guy up in one of our oak trees pruning himself, that we have a pair! This is the larger of the two, and the color patch behind his eye is brighter.

He didn’t stay on the rock long, and I really was surprised that I was able to capture him at all!


Have a wonder-filled day!

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  1. too cool, June ... he waited and did a whole photo shoot with you!

    what a sport! he just knew he'd end up front and center on your blog!

    enjoy these waning days of summer, my friend.

  2. He is sooooo cool! Hubby and I have seen the Greater Roadrunner while in the USA in 2005, but didn't manage a shot. You did brilliantly! :)

  3. What a wonderful capture! Besides the road runner but I have never seen a porcupine...

  4. He posed for you nicely, what a guy! He is more colored than any I've seen. He's quite beautiful.

  5. Awesome captures! Great shots!!!

  6. how fun is that?! :) porcupines are scarce around here, as are roadrunners and your captures of 'the greater one' are amazing! great job on that and on your processing, June! maybe next time you'll be able to capture the pair of them together! have a blessed week!

  7. Cool, a porcupine and the Roadrunner. The Roadrunner is one of my favorite birds. Great shots.

  8. Well this is just awesome. You are adorable. Just the way you share this with us is super cool. So glad those cool Roadrunner's let you capture them. I need to be better about taking my camera with me everywhere. Not that I would ever have shots like yours but I do love to take pictures. Thanks for the smile this morning. Much love. xoxo

  9. Fabulous captures - you not only got your shot but several shots with wonderful clarity and depth of field! I would like to get a shot of one of those birds too.

  10. This just cracked me up! Yep, what are the odds of seeing a porcupine in the bushes at the What-a-Burger??? :-) And then to have the Roadrunner appear in your yard! You did a great job sneaking back out to the car so you could get his photo! I too am an avid camera-carrier! But, I find that it was easier when I had the small digital because it would fit into my purse. Now that I have the larger digital people wonder why I have it next to my purse in the grocery store basket, or next to my purse on the seat beside me at church or a movie. :-) But, you can't leave anything electronic out in your car here in Arizona! :-) Especially not in the summertime! :-) So, sometimes I don't grab it. And then I think....THIS will be the day I see the javelina, or several coyotes crossing the road, and I won't have my camera!!!! :-) But, LOVED the photos! You got some great shots. We had Roadrunners in our yard a couple of years in a row, and I will likely re-post those pictures at some point, but they have, sadly, quit coming around. Hope you see your pair a lot!

  11. He's really cute, ya know!

    Great pictures too.

  12. how awesome is that???? I love roadrunners...we had several in Texas, but none here. Great captures and Always.. ALWAYS keep a camera near! :) love ya

  13. Great shots, great commentary.

  14. A wonderful bird! I love the roadrunner cartoons.

  15. such clear shots!!!! thanks for sharing! I use a canon rebel,may have to look into getting one like yours,Phyllis

  16. A couple of great sightings and excellent shots.
    BTW, have you seen the video of Teddy Bear the porcupine on YouTube? He's adorable.

  17. How awesome is that? I have never seen either of those in real life...great photos!

  18. Wow great shots. I'm so glad the Roadrunner didn't run off. Great timing!

  19. Oh how cool is that!?!!
    I've only seen ONE in the decade we've been here on the coast. Lucky you.

    Thanks for linking to I'd Rather B Birdin' this weekend...it's always appreciated!!

  20. i love our roadrunners, too. such goofy birds! cool spotting the porcupine! wow!

  21. Great bird - I had hoped I would see one on a recent trip to Arizona - but alas not!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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