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Friday, June 6, 2014

Inspired by . . . reconciliation


It is my responsibility to accept the offering of grace.



Textured with Kim's kk_day


If I do not, I live in contempt, anger, malice, self-sufficiency - - enmity with God.


You have taught me the necessity of a Mediator, a Messiah.




I embrace You with all my heart,

a king to rule me,

a prophet to guide me,

a priest to take away my sin and death.



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The beloved Son.

Who teaches me,

not to guide myself,

not to obey myself,

not to try to rule and conquer sin myself,

but to cleave to the One Who will do all for me.




To save me is Christ's work.

To come to Him by faith is my work.


"Lord, increase our faith."





Inspired by prayer excerpts from The Valley of Vision.


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  1. "Lord increase my faith." So where my heart is . . . Lord, increase my faith. And I'm so grateful for how He is continuing working in me. Beautiful post and just love you pictures. Have a wonderful weekend, June. Oh...your book arrived today. THANK YOU! Much love. xoxo

  2. Stunning! Happy, beautiful weekend.

  3. ahh, beautiful thistles
    they surround me here, true Canadians

  4. Beautiful! So glad I stopped in from Still Saturday. Blessings!

  5. Truly explained and truly part of our everyday world. He is all I can count on every night, every day, and forever and ever. My knee-jerk responses as I'm waking or walking can seem that I'm filled with frustration. But He always breaks through and shows His love to me. Your photos fit right in. Thanks!

  6. Well said, June. We're not in His will when we try to take on His role... silly when you think about it really.

  7. Amen to your prayerful words, June. We need Him so ...

  8. The Lord has blessed you with the gift of writing. With every visit I feel my faith increasing. Thank you.

  9. Beautiful words and photos!

  10. Lovely photos, and inspiring words. Beautifully done!!

  11. Such beautiful pics!

    How often I try to do things by myself, when really, all I need is God. I need to allow Him the freedom to work in me and through me.
    Great post. Praise God!

  12. Beautiful words and dito photography!

  13. Gorgeous my dear June ! Have a Graceful day my dear friend xox

  14. ...thanks for visiting June. Glad you enjoyed my little baby barn swallows.

  15. Beautiful photographs, June. I think my favourite is the last one. Love your use of Kim's textures, too!


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