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Saturday, June 21, 2014

I've had this post in drafts for awhile now.

It focuses on someone that I don't usually focus on in this blog: ME

Don't worry, that's not going to change {smile}.

But I wanted to share this with you all, and I thought my birthday was the perfect day to do so {no pun intended!} !

And if today just happens to be your birthday too, I hope you're having the perfect day!


Inspired by . . . the perfect day


"My dream? 

My dream is to be with people I love,

that love each other and that love me.

My dream was a perfect day and I'm just finishing it.

~ Emily, The Ultimate Gift


Do you remember that entertainment park ride where they strapped you to the wall and then spun you around like crazy, only to suddenly do a 360 and start spinning you the other way while the floor dropped out from underneath you?

That is a pretty good description of what had been happening in my life for the past ten months. It was likely to get worse before it got better.

But this day was my birthday.

And the sweetest man in the world had somehow figured out how to make the rest of the world go away.

I awoke to the sun's rays shining through the windows of our railcar, and spent a day of leisure on a lake that lay calmly less than a mile from our door.




On a day such as this, one must "dress" for dinner, and so we did. A short walk to the restaurant, where we were greeted by sunny faces, both inside and out.




A {very small} table for two by the window. The mixed greens salad with walnuts and goat cheese, drizzled with a balsamic dressing was so enjoyable that I don't remember the rest of the meal.

I do remember that we took our time. Enjoyed each other. And spoke mostly with our eyes.

After dinner he wanted to take pictures.

Of me.

Let's just say I don't love the camera, when aimed in my general direction, and it certainly does.not.love.me.

But the sweetest man in the world also happens to be the most charming.

And so, for once in my life, I let it be all about me.




And it was okay.


What does your perfect day look like?






Both the railcar and the sunflower are textured with Kim's textures, but I can't remember which ones!


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  1. Happy, happy birthday, lovely June. I hope your day is glorious. You are beautiful inside and out. I am so glad God connected us in this lovely blogging world and I'm hoping His plans include meeting in real life one day. :) A perfect day for me is any time my entire family is together. Love you. xoxo

  2. Good for you. Even in a world of struggle, you manage to see the best in it. That's a wonderful lesson. Great pictures too!

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday, Birthday Twin! :D Love you. Heart Hugs, Shelly <3

  4. Happy Birthday, June! You are beautiful, as are the photo of you! Sounds like you had a lovely birthday! Enjoy the new week ahead!

  5. Beautiful birthday to you, June! May this day, and every day of this year be full of God's richest blessings. And, I think it's perfectly OK to celebrate a little *me* time once in awhile!!



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