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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Inspired by . . . Lavender

Every year, around the second week of June, a wonderful thing happens in the Texas Hill Country.

The lavender blooms . . .

And thousands of people descend upon the small town of Blanco, Texas for the annual Lavender Festival!

Artisans set up shop around the beautiful limestone courthouse, selling everything from t-shirts to wine bottle stoppers made out of antique door knobs. And, of course . . . 

 . . .  all things lavender.
 If you're wondering why everyone seems so relaxed and happy, it may be because lavender is known to have a calming effect on the nervous system.

Or, it may be that folks here in Texas are perty friendly {smile}. Not only does lavender have a calming scent, a variety of websites list a myriad of additional health benefits, and culinary uses.

Once you're done shopping at the Lavender Market, it's time to head out to the farms!

 There are several lavender farms in the area, and one or two are usually open for tours and lavender picking! Be careful, though, if you're allergic to bees.

Where there is lavender, there are sure to be lots of bees!

Remember those culinary uses I mentioned? Lavender honey is just one of my favorites. We also enjoyed lavender cookies, lavender ice cream, and one local restaurant served lavender tarter sauce with the fish sandwich!

It's always a good time. So if you find yourself in south Texas in early June next year - join us!

Have a wonder-filled day!


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  1. how very pretty! love the fences accenting the fields! beautiful! thanks for linking in!

  2. Your pictures are soothing. My friend has taken me to the lavender fields here in southern California, lovely place. I was so surprised all the things they make from the lavender. I still use the spray on my bed at night. Beautiful post.

  3. Fences and pretty Lavender. What more could you want.

  4. Lavender honey on my grandma's buttermilk biscuits (which is one of the few things I can make well) sounds delicious! I need to come to Texas. (I will be in Dallas, TX in August). Much love to you, June. xoxo
    btw, I will respond to your email later today. :)

  5. I bet that is a sight to behold. Your edit of the lavender in the field with the fence is wonderful.

  6. That sounds so cool and refreshing! Great shots, especially of that bee...

  7. The lavender and the bees. What a gorgeous duo through your lens, my friend!


  8. So you have a Lavender Festival, as in Provence, lovely !
    I have tried several times to plant lavender here, but our climate allows us to grow it just in a few hottest places, it doesn't like shade and humidity and we here in the valley have them both, especially in autumn ... so I have to be happy to have just two big bushes in full sun !
    Have a wonderful new week my dear June, sending Blesssings X

  9. Lavender is my husband's favorite color for me to wear! I'm gonna have to share your beautiful photos with him!! I could almost smell the flowers!


  10. My lavender offering is tiny compared to your magnificent images of lavender! Would love to visit!

  11. A lavendar festival - how nice tht will be.
    Your post reminds me that I need to take pictures of mine, before the rains come this evening and turn all the purple brown.

  12. I love lavender, have it in my own garden as well :-)


  13. Beautiful photos ! How lovely to live near lavender farms, I would be in heaven !

  14. A lavender festival, very interesting. Lots of purple and lots of bees. I like the lavender and bee photos.

  15. Lavender fields in South Texas - that's good to know! I've been wanting to visit the great state one day, so I've noted this...it's wonderful to be able to use lavender in so many ways, I'd love to try the cookies and ice cream :)


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