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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Inspired by . . . a kind of greatness

Have you ever been to a place where you wanted to take pictures, but it was so overwhelming you just didn't know where to start?

Nashville and the Country Music Hall of Fame was like that for me.

It's not just the architecture, which is amazing. . . .




The sky reflecting in the building behind the Hall of Fame adds another dimension to this image. See how little the people are? There is a "largeness" to this place that follows you inside.



Textured with Kim's poetic and seriousmagic textures


The "greatness" here doesn't end with the architecture. Inside are three floors dedicated to displaying the "greatest" in the world of Country Music. The sheer number of displays, pictures, artifacts, videos, clothing, etc. really is overwhelming! And their website says that, "less than one-tenth of the artifacts belonging the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum are on display at one time." – wow!




It was interesting to see who used up the most wall/floor space. Some of the artist's displays took up enough space to fit a small house. Being from Texas we were disappointed to see nothing on George Strait until spotting his plaque in the rotunda. 

What? The "King of Country Music" doesn't have a display in the CMHF? George Strait, who has the most number one hits – in any genre, not just country music! Things became a little clearer when we learned that the majority of the artifacts here are donated.  A little more digging on the internet and we learned that Mr. Strait had donated something, not currently on display, to CMHF:

A shirt, hand-tooled leather belt with gold George Strait Bud Lite team-roping championship buckle, and Wrangler jeans worn by Strait.

Modest? I think so.

Here's a look from the inside looking out.



Textured with Kim's backin texture


And here is my submission to Kim's prompt "from above" for this week's Texture Tuesday link up.  This is looking down into the gift shop.



Textured with Kim's poetic and seriousmagic textures


I took a lot of pictures inside of the displays. But with the low light, bright lights, reflecting lights or no lights, none of the pictures came out very well.


You'll just have to go see for yourself!

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Have a wonder-filled day,



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  1. Cool, cool last photo, June! It's so hard to capture the grandest of sights, but you surely have taken us there this evening!!


  2. Since I am a huge country music fan I would love someday to visit the Opry.

  3. Such amazing pictures, my dear, this place is really stunning !!
    I had never seen the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville before, I'm breathless, believe me :D
    Thank you my sweet June, have a blessed week <3

  4. My how things have changed since the days when Hank Williams appeared there... Even considering the politics, I'd like to see it too.

    I guess being a George Strait fan from Texas, I already know your answer to the question; Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind?

  5. Thank you for the tour! I felt dizzy looking down at that gift shop! ;)

  6. It is expansive. So many great lines and curves and angles-what fun!

  7. Great shot. All photos are wonderful.

  8. Hi June! I'm next to you at Lisa's link this week.

  9. I can certainly relate to wanting to capture it all! Thank you for this tour. I have never been to Nashville!

  10. Never been there, but have heard it's truly an amazing experience. Your photos certainly confirm that! Love the ceiling shot! Thanks so much for taking us on the tour with you.
    Visiting from Texture Tuesday and Life Through the Lens.

  11. Oh your pictures turn out wonderfully, and I have never been there! Sounds like a fun place to visit!

  12. I love Nashville... my parents live near there. Thanks for linking it was fun coming over here.


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