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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Inspired by . . . time


The hands of time tick on,

like spokes on a wheel,

moving our souls forward into eternity.



Textured with Bonnie's Graphique texture


We don't have any control over time. The passing of minutes, hours, days, years. But we do have control over what we DO during this mysterious "when" that we call time.

What I do with my time is one thing I want to be more intentional about in 2014.

With all of the advice out there about time management, you would think we would have this one aced. While some people do better than others, I think we all struggle with managing our time to one degree or another.

I'm not an expert, but I think the reason for that is because time management is ultimately a personal issue. Our lives can go from simple to complicated and back again -sometimes all within 24 hours!. What worked last year, or last month, may not work this year, or this month.

The Psalmist prays, "[Lord] Teach us to number each of our days so that we may grow in wisdom."




To number our days - to be aware of the passage of time, allows us to grow in wisdom.  This is a wisdom that only the Lord can give, and it's specific to each one of us.

Let's face it, we are never going to have enough time to do everything we want to do, or think we should do. But I believe that God gives us enough time to accomplish His will for our lives.

All those tips out there on how to manage your time more effectively have their place. But if we can begin by knowing what we should be doing in the first place the need for self time management will be greatly reduced.




So how do we know God's will for our time?

The same way we know anything about God:  by staying connected to Him. We stay connected through prayer, the reading & study of His word, and worship. This seems so simple and yet so many of us just don't do it. I think I'm too busy to carve out time for God, but the truth is: I'm too busy NOT to!

This is where some of those time management tips can help:

Say no.

Put yourself {i.e. your relationship with God} first.




This is another thing I want to be more intentional about in 2014: Spending more time with God.

I know from experience that spending time with Him results in a better life for me. I'm convinced that until I can be more intentional about time spent with God, I won't have the wisdom I need to effectively manage my time.

I know what I need to do – now I just need to {sincerely} ask God to give me the discipline I need to do it!







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  1. This is so good, June. I've made it a priority to begin my mornings with Him and what a difference it makes in my days. I've been working on a post that really is all about encouraging us to be in His word. Whatever we are struggling with...that is where wisdom is found. He is our answer!
    Blessings to you.

  2. I love the title of this post and opening quote. Really lovely. Thanks for opening your heart June.

  3. You have been awarded the Lovely Blog Award . Nominations- If someone does not accept awards, well it still stands even if you cannot fulfill the requirements because this is a no strings attached nomination; only fulfill the award if you have time and are inspired.

  4. What a great photo to share for Photo Art Friday. Love the colors and the 'The hands of time tick on, like spokes on a wheel, moving our souls forward into eternity' quote. Wonderful post. :)

  5. Great photo, I love the colors.

  6. such a gorgeous work of art and such thoughty words as well. made me pause and consider my own relationship with Time. BEautimous!!

  7. Fantastic piece of art and a thoughtful post.

  8. Oh my this is stunning. I love the quote you used with it and your thoughts as well. I am slowly coming to realize that I do need to spend more time with God myself. What a great reminder.

  9. I love the common sense. Looking at our shortcomings with honesty is the only way we find our way to "draw nigh unto HIm." I'm with you and struggle with the same things. Thanks for the encouragement. Saying no is harder than yes...

  10. What a sweet piece of photo art! Love the soft colors and the depth in the image. Thank you for sharing your artistry with Photo Art Friday.

  11. Beautiful post! It is so true that with all the suggestions and advice on time management, we should have this one down pat by now. Carving out time to spend with God brings order to the rest of our day. Somehow He better manages my day when I invite Him into it. I visited from The Weekend Brew & am so glad that I did. Have a great weekend!

  12. Your artwork is beautiful ... I love the soft colors and the spoked wheels of what looks to be a wagon. It is lovely ... and I listened to what you have to say about time and you speak with wisdom and faith. Time has been my friend and my enemy over the years, but now that I am up in years, retired and have more choices, I seem to be able to work well with time ... maybe it is because I don't have to have deadlines very often. I will say that it is much more peaceful that way :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  13. You're such a beautiful person, my dear, and I'm truly so so glad to have you as a friend <3
    Love to you X

  14. I love your creativity with this prompt and appreciate the "timely" thoughts expressed in your post.

  15. Beautiful processing! The colours are gorgeous; if feels like a watercolour painting.


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