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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Inspired by . . . gnarled limbs

It's been an unusually hard winter throughout much of the U.S. this year as many of you, my dear readers, know first hand.

I have to admit the months weeks of cold weather we've been having here in SOUTH Texas are making me a bit grumpy. I have tried not very hard not to whine about the weather. After all, those of you in other states have had it MUCH harder. Reports on the news keep reminding me how thankful I need to be. And, truly, I am thankful.

And today, with the {glorious} sun shining and the temps edging closer to 70 {yea!} I was even more thankful to grab my camera and head out.of.the.house!

There is not much left to take pictures of, in the way of flowers and such, and it was a cloudless day. So that left the trees.

I love trees.

I once read that we are to the trees as butterflies seem to us. {sigh}

They are so large and silent, I think we often forget that they are living, growing, changing things. Old and, I like to think, wise.

If found this tree among the oaks. It's smooth, white bark stood out against the dark, gnarled limbs of the oak trees.




It seem so pure against the darker, seemly disfigured trees.

As I sat beneath the trees and looked up at their gnarled branches I wondered what made them change direction and grow as they did. God fashioned them, of course. Using some article of nature that an arborist could probably explain to me in scientific terms.

And God fashions us – on paths that are not always straight. Just like the gnarled limbs of the oak tree.

I thought about my attitude lately. About how discontentment can lead to sin. Little sins maybe, but left unchecked . . . .




The gnarled limbs reminded me that a change of direction is in order.

Repent – to turn back, literally or figuratively

The choices we make – like to repent, or not  - can change the direction of our path and affect our day, our week, our year, and sometimes . . .

our life.

I had said goodbye to the trees and was heading home when I spotted this tree:




Something had stopped it's growth abruptly and headed it off in a completely new direction.

Jesus did that in my life.

And I need to remember that no hardship in this life, no matter how great, compares to eternal life with Him.


Our suffering is light and temporary and is producing for us

an eternal glory that is greater than anything we can imagine. 2 Cor 4:17


God used the trees to speak to me today.

How is He speaking to you?






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  1. Jesus did that in my life too... It's amazing how all the other trees are stark but the oak perseveres.

    I was in Austin last week when the wind chill was fourteen, saw the same thing. Was pretty happy to get back to sunny Arizona!

  2. Love your thinking, June, that simply and beautifully reminds us what counts. Thanks

  3. Trees fascinate me. I enjoyed your inspiring post (and the pictures)--we can learn from observing the details of God's creation.

  4. LOVE this post, June! Thanks so much for joining Recommendation Saturday and giving us such wonderful things to ponder and beautiful pictures to enjoy. Heart Hugs, Shelly <3

  5. So thoughtful this is, June ... and 70 degrees? Ah ... there's nothing like Texas in mid-winter ...


    Warmest blessings ...

  6. Dear June
    This is what is so incredibly wonderful about our Lord Jesus. He knows very well that we cannot change ourselves one bit. After all; before we came to Him to receive His life, we were the slaves of the evil one and he was the spiritual source of everything we did. He even deceived us into believing we can do good to impress our Heavenly Pappa. But these trees learned through the years that only through receiving everything from God, no matter how difficult or strange, can we only grow as we receive life from the Living Streams of Life.
    Blessings XX

  7. What a beautiful post in every way! Jesus has absolutely altered the path of my life in the most wonderful ways. I'm still learning to trust in His plans for my life as they always turn out to be far better than my own!

    Thanks for the reminder, June!

    ~ Carrie

  8. I love trees, they are all so very different and seem to tell a story all of their own



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