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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Inspired by. . . a few good words


It began earlier this week when I read Jennifer Flanders 25 Ways to Communicate Respect to Your Husband (without saying a word).  Reading through I was challenged to do better in certain areas, but I also had the thought, more than once, that "this is sure to ruffle a few feathers!  So many women who read this will react defensively rather than embrace what is being said."

Because, frankly, most a lot of women, even Christians, do not understand what Biblical Womanhood is all about.

Jennifer's post led me to read her husband's post 25 Ways to Show Your Wife You Love Her, which reaffirmed what I already knew: I am so incredibly blessed. My husband nails all 25 on a regular basis. (For the record, he disagrees and says he needs work in several areas – like I said, I'm blessed)


“I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine,

He who pastures his flock among the lilies.” Song of Solomon 6:3



Textured with Kim's appreciate


We humans are great at extremes, aren't we?

Instead of embracing, and seeking to understand the balance and order in God's word about men and women we think we can do better.

Enter the liberated woman. Anything a man can do, we can do better! Except, we can't. And by creating a culture that has effectively emasculated the man, we have denied ourselves the freedoms and liberties of being women.

Yesterday I read Heidi St. John's post over at Time Warp Wife: …And We Wonder Why Chivalry is Dead were she states, in part,

"When we’d rather get the door ourselves or turn a man who offers his seat to us down just because we’re women, we miss out on the opportunity to see love and service, respect and honor in action." 

She also quotes from an excellent post written by Matt Walsh:

“…chivalry is still essential. Men should carry bags, and hold doors, and pull out chairs, and offer seats to women, not because women are incapable of standing or opening their own doors, but because of what these acts represent — what they say. And what they say is simple: “I am bigger and stronger than you, but I will use my strength to honor you and protect you. I will not hurt you. I will not take advantage of you. I will humble myself before you and serve you.” -

I just love that.

I encourage you to click over and read Heidi's post, as well as Matt's. There is really no point in me re-writing what they have both already said so well.

Heidi nailed it:

"It’s not about equality. It’s about respect and uncommon courtesy, something that is sorely missing in our society today."

The concept of Biblical Womanhood is one that is constantly attacked and misrepresented by our culture and society. If you find yourself confused, or needing some clarity on these issues, remember what Jesus said, "“If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine;  and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

Here are some resources that I believe effectively communicate the truth of God's word on this subject:

Lies Women Believe: And the Truth that Sets them Free – Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Let Me Be a Woman – Elizabeth Elliot

Biblical Portrait of Womanhood: Discovering and Living Out God's Plan for our Lives – Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Sermons on Biblical Womanhood – Alistair Begg, Truth for Life




I've long been inspired by this Biblical concept and am currently several chapters into a book with the working title, The Music of Angels. It's a story about a 21st century military wife and a 15th century noblewoman. The story seeks to convey the truth that God's word is timeless. His precepts are just as relevant in today's culture as they have been in every other culture since the beginning of time. It's a challenging process.

Like writing a book, becoming a Biblical woman is a process as well.

You don't become one overnight.

It's a journey.

A life-changing, fulfilling, free-ing, JOYful journey!

The truth is, we're all on a journey.

Is your journey taking you where you want to go?






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  1. June,
    Hello again. I am following you at Renewed Daily. I love your post. Excellent words. I did not take on the role of a biblical woman until I met Jesus - then He drastically changed my attitude. I am still a work in progress. But I am improving so that's good.
    Many blessings,
    I would love you to link to Sunday Stillness which will be up tonight at 8pm EST.
    Janis www.janiscox.com

  2. Great piece. So many can't grasp the gift and the specialness of each of our Father's creations. As men, we're called to lay down our lives for our wives and family. The tough part is to be gentle with our spouses in a course world. The world where "women and children first" is one that we sorely need to see again… and when we do we'll see a better world.

    I'm also fascinated by how much wisdom and insight come from women who are well loved and respect their husbands for the good of the entire family. Funny how often my wife's voice sounds like the voice of God!

  3. I love this post! Amen, nodding my head, preach. Thank you for linking up at Recommendation Saturday! Heart Hugs, Shelly <3

  4. Dear June
    Oh, dear friend, I always tell my husband and my two sons that if you treat your wife like a queen, you will definitely be her king. It is just so beautiful when we not only find men who treat women this way, but also when we find women who allow them to be so courteous! Both are quite in short supply nowadays.
    Blessings XX

  5. I'm so thankful to serve alongside a man who treats me in the way the Bible teaches. I have a ways to go, as I can be pretty stubborn and selfish at times. Thankful for my husband's patience. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Hi June and what a post you've written! Like others who have commented, I'm blessed to have a wonderful husband, too. Biblical marriage is under the "world's" microscope now and we must remember that which is true and noble.

  7. Beautiful photos! Thanks also for the link to the article. Very good!

  8. I'm reading 'Let Me Be A Woman' and I'm really loving Elisabeth Elliot's candid writing on Biblical womanhood. It's true that so many Christian women today are confused about what that looks like.

    Thanks for sharing. I'll have to check out the blog posts you've shared as well as the books you recommend.

  9. Beautiful post June, and yes chivalry is something I don't see very often any more. I'm going to check out the links you shared.

    I think I would also have to say that there are still quite a lot of Christians that don't seem to know the bible, let alone biblical womanhood. I am always amazed that some can recite every verse, but walk out of church and don't live by them.

  10. June, thanks for pointing us toward these lovely, edifying resources. I am a big fan of Elisabeth Elliot, too. :)

  11. Beautiful flowers. I love Elisabeth Elliot, too. Got to hear her in person many years ago at a small luncheon of 50 and have read most of her books, listened to her podcasts, etc.

  12. Gorgeous flowers! ... visiting from Texture Tuesday

  13. Passing through, but will definitely stop back to visit the links you suggest. Excellent advice and thanks for sharing. The flower reminds me of Springtime. Very nice. :)

  14. So glad you're blessed with such a wonderful relationship!
    Gorgeous flowers and texture!

  15. This is an incredibly inspired post! And one that most women need to read and take to heart. It takes a very strong, self confident women to understand the biblical concept of womanhood. The bible is filled with examples of strong, yet Godly, women.

  16. I was intrigued by the topic of your post and the title of the texture you used--both "appreciate". Well done.

  17. wonderful quote - Valentine's Day is coming. I might have to steal it!

  18. Powerful words. God's plan for relationships just works. I've never understood why it's not embraced. My husband says selfishness is the reason behind it all.


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