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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Inspired by. . . my desk calendar

Look around. Whether your "workplace" is a desk, a car, a kitchen, or some other place, do you surround yourself with objects, pictures, or sayings that inspire you?

I do.

Here are a few things from my desk top. Maybe they'll inspire you, too.



Seriously, who can look at that face and not be happy?  My niece, Sophia, inspires me everyday!



This inspiring quote proves itself everyday in my world.



This calming candle and sweet card from a friend inspire me and remind me to be thankful for the special people with whom God has blessed my life.

Close by, just out of the picture is a figurine of a woman releasing a butterfly. It's inscribed with these words:

"You are an amazing woman."

I'm really not. But my husband thinks I am, and this figurine is a visual inspiration to me to live up to his belief in me.


(Oh, and yes, that IS another picture of my precious niece in the background. LOL!)


There is one more item on my desk that I'd like to share with you. Maybe you have one, too.



Textured with Kim's 123


My desk calendar.

The pictures are all mouthpainted by people with disabilities.

'Nuf said.


What's inspiring you today?


With gratitude,




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  1. great post!

    -Katherine Vargas

  2. Very nice reminders of all the good in life….even when things don't feel so good…and yes, your niece is adorable.

  3. Lovely as usual. However, your post reminds me that I need to organize my area a bit better and update some of my surrounding inspiration. Lovely post as usual. :)

  4. How lovely <3 <3 ! Your little niece, your calendar, everything could inspire me too !!
    Today as often, the sky is inspiring me, with its rainy clouds running so slowly .. I'd love to move at their rythm, I'm always in a hurry !!!
    A blessed end of the week my sweet friend <3

  5. Love the peek at your desktop! And I really love your textured photo!

  6. Your little niece is so sweet!! :)


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