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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Inspired by . . . intentional gratitude

Being intentional about being grateful makes every part of our life better!

While it's true that this is something we should try to be all the time, people tend to be more demonstrative about their thankfulness in the month of November.

The trendy "Thanksgiving Tree" is just one of the ways you can be intentional about being grateful every day!

There are a lot of great ideas out there. Here are some of my favorites:


Julie, over at Savings by Design has some great ideas for the kiddos! With a large thankful tree and a thankful turkey, too!

Rebekah over at Simply Rebekah did a similar wall-tree. Here is her version – isn't it great!



I love these curly willow branches that Darcy Miller used for her family's tree!



I like this idea of using pictures, of people we're thankful for, as tags on the tree. I found this idea on pinterest, and it links to Aunt Ruthie's, but I couldn't find the picture once I got there. Maybe you'll have better luck!



Here is a neat idea that uses the tree as a centerpiece as well as an activity for your guests on Thanksgiving day.



This one, by Mindy Starr over at Creative Juice, was by far my favorite!



I love how Mindy and her family focused each day on what they were thankful for before hanging the leaf on their thankful tree! Great idea, Mindy!

There are a  lot of great ideas on Pinterest, so I encourage you to have a look for yourself!


There's still time to join our online Bible study group! You can learn more about it HERE.




With gratitude,






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  1. A lovely post, June! :)
    Love the idea of a family's tree with curly willow branches.

  2. As usual your posts are simply adorable <3
    Among all these so sweets ideas the one I prefer is the tree with the picture of people we are thankful for, we never have to forget them ;)
    I wish you all the best for this weekend


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