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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Inspired by . . . an embrace

Bonnie's prompt for this month's Photo Art Friday is: EMBRACE



"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other." ~ Audrey Hepburn


The figurine in this image is Willow Tree's Promise figurine. My husband gave it to me for my birthday. If you're familiar with Willow Tree you know that the figurines have no facial features. They don't need to. Looking at this figurine you can clearly see the tenderness in the couple's embrace. This man cherishes his wife, and in turn, his wife trusts him.

It is a beautiful example of my husband's love for me, and mine for him. He could not have picked a better gift.

I combined this image with a picture of the carnelian heart we bought, together, for our anniversary. It's a beautiful stone, with real value. Another symbol of our love for each other.

Together with Bonnie's lovely Aged Vignette texture I think they make an intriguing collage.

For those who are interested, I listed my process below.  Please take a moment to check out the other art in the gallery.


With gratitude,




Layer 1 - embrace image 64% opacity
adjusted levels/brightness
Layer 2 - Bonnie's Aged Vignette (exclusion 100%)
Layer 3 - embrace image 33% fill / 76% opacity
Layer 4 - heart image
Layer 5 - Aged Vignette color burn 100%


Sharing inspiration here:

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  1. This is very lovely and so meaningful for your relationship. you should have a canvas printed and hang it in your bedroom!

  2. Really original and creative this composition, I like!!

  3. Isn't it exciting to be able to take objects that hold so much meaning and represent the love between you and your husband and make an art collage with them?!!!! This takes the value of an artistic creation to a whole new level apart from its beauty. Thank you so much for sharing this piece and how you made it with us, June.

  4. So beautiful, June and a lovely way to commemorate the love you share with your husband.

  5. How beautifully creative. Your figurine is quite lovely all on it's own. I like how you combined the 3 elements and created an abstract piece.


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