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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Inspired by. . . Living water


Jesus replied to her, "If you only knew what God's gift is and who is asking you for a drink,

you would have asked him for a drink. He would have given you living water." John 4:10


My garden brings me such JOY.




The flowers are vibrant, alive, and growing!




They don't grow by accident. Their care is intentional, and takes effort.

They need both water and sunshine to survive.


They same is true in my life.

In order to be vibrant, alive, and growing, I need {Living} water and {Son} shine!

I like to think of it as, soaking in the Word and prayer (time in the Son-shine).

Both are intentional disciplines that take effort.

Are you feeling sluggish? wilted? Are the weeds of sin choking you, and stealing away your JOY?




The word of God will revive and sustain you. It will make you vibrant and alive!

Time in prayer will guide and direct you.  It will help you grow and blossom!




Into a beautiful garden that brings JOY to both God, and to those around you.





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Scripture and Snapshot


  1. Hi June
    Your garden is beautiful! For me to grow is to draw deep inside where Jesus lives and drink deeply from the fountain of Living Water.
    Much love XX

  2. Your garden is beautiful!! It is no wonder that it brings you joy! Thank you for sharing with us all this morning. I am visiting from Still Saturday.
    Have a blessed Sunday!

  3. Very nice pictures, these flowers are pure beauty!

  4. Gorgeous! Your garden brings joy to me too! :)

  5. Beautiful flowers and message!

    Visiting from scripture and a snapshot. I invite you to visit me at Judith Riddle Photography.


  6. June, we were *indeed* on the same wavelength this Sunday! How fabulous we pulled from the same scripture! You're right - it takes discipline to be in the Word. I'm preparing for another Bible reading challenge and I admit, the nerves are shaky! Your garden photos are lovely - hopefully one day I'll get the green thumb so I can add more color to the yard :)

  7. What a great post! And what gorgeous flowers. My senior mom and I have fun with gardening activities too, along with the grandkids. So we could doubly relate to this post. Thank you :)

  8. Love your pretty flower garden and the message that you shared along with the pictures. Thank you. Have a great week ahead.


  9. How beautiful! I'm enjoying the Son and the Living Water He brings! Thanks for linking up with The Weekend Brew.

  10. Beautiful! I couldn't NOT not keep looking at all and all and all of them.


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