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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Inspired by. . . reviews

The Literary Maidens have posted a review!




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Heart's Desire by June Caedmon

Heart's Desire

by June Caedmon

Giveaway ends August 10, 2013.

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Here's an excerpt from Heart's Desire to whet your appetite:


“Ride to New Orleans? Have ya plum lost your senses?” Curly sputtered.

“Have you got a better idea?” The adrenaline wasn’t pumping quite so hard now, and Melinda realized that her idea was risky.

“Take the train, send a wire.” Curly suggested, clearly flustered by the turn of events. “You’ll never make it there in time on horseback.”

Melinda’s first thought had been to take control of the situation. But she knew that was sometimes her downfall. Lord, show me what to do, she prayed as she considered Curly’s suggestions.

“Curly? ‘Thet you?” A small man dressed in a suit peered around the side of the barn.

“Hello, Jerry. Got something for me?”

“This wire came in a couple of days ago for Mr. Elliott. Can you take it to him?”

“A couple of days ago!” Curly nearly shouted at the man.

“It wasn’t anything urgent,” the man defended himself. “Just a list of items from his fiancé. I’d have ridden out with it if it was important,” the man huffed as he walked away.

Curly cringed when he saw the look of determination on Melinda’s face. “Now I know what yer thinking but…”

“The next train to New Orleans doesn’t leave until tomorrow morning,” Melinda said, heading for her trunk. “And after witnessing that scene, we obviously can’t trust the wire service. If I ride all night, I can get to New Orleans just after the boat docks. It will be close, but if any horse can do it, Charger can.”

Finding her trunk, Melinda opened it and pulled out a pair of trousers and an overcoat. Not waiting for a response from Curly, she slipped inside the carriage to change.

“Blast that Jerry and his late telegrams,” Curly muttered as he put the shades down to give Melinda more privacy. “Mr. Elliott will have my hide for this!”

Want more? Visit the author at junecaedmon.com


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