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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Inspired by. . . nature

Nature inspires me.

It speaks to my soul.

There is much to be learned of God by experiencing nature. God is not IN the tree, but He did create it.

And Jesus chose to die on a tree to save you and me.

Nature reveals facets of God's character. His gentleness. His beauty. His generosity. His sense of humor.




I've been enjoying the antics of this little guy all week. He really, really, really wants that sunflower seed. The feeder is only about 3-4ft away from the porch railing. He can easily make the jump. I know because he'll jump from the porch railing to the tree, which is a good 6-8 feet. I'm not sure why he won't take the leap.




Isn't he precious? Such a sweet face! Pure adoration! It just melted my heart. I almost went out and set up little piles of seed along the rail. Almost.



black-backed Lesser Goldfinch

Can you imagine our world in black and white? God could have made it that way, you know. We never would have known the difference.



 Gold-fronted Woodpecker


Instead, He made all the colors of the rainbow. And more.

For us.


What's inspiring you today?




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  1. What darling photos of the squirrel, June! I love how he is trying to figure out someway to get to the seed. What lovely bird photos, too! I'm so thankful that our Father was such creative Creator and gave us so much beauty to enjoy!

  2. what a cute series of pictures!


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