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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Inspired by. . . snail mail

Love getting letters? little notes of inspiration and not so news worthy anecdotes?

I have to admit, I like getting {snail} mail. And at no time of year is that more true than at Christmas time!

The "catching you up with my life" letters are the best. I enjoy the snowy scenes, manger scenes and forest critters on the paper cards that come my way. But my favorite by far are the holiday photo cards!



Available through  Persnickety Prints


It's true, pictures are worth a thousand words. Don't you agree?



Available through Snapfish


Over the years I've sent many Christmas letters and cards proclaiming the Reason for the season.  Funny, as much as I love the photo cards, I've never sent one myself! This year I decided to let the pictures do the talking!  My first inclination, naturally, was to design and print the cards myself. But, as evidenced from my lack of posts recently, my time has become a rare commodity!  Also, after figuring the cost of paper and ink to produce the quantity I needed, online retailers like Persnickety Prints and Snapfish were far cheaper by comparison! {those just happen to be the two I checked, there are many options out there!}




Available through Snapfish


As you can see by some of the examples I've posted here, there are many creative options available!



Available through Snapfish


Both sites I visited offered easy to use, custom design tools.  I will say that I liked the search-ability at Snapfish the best. You are able to filter the card choices by color, number of pictures, size etc. which was very helpful for me since I needed a card with 6 or more photo options. Having said that, I will also say that Persnickety Prints has a very favorable rating in the scrapbooking community for quality and attention to detail. {Neither company has any idea who I am or that I'm mentioning them in this post}



Available through Snapfish


I played with five or six designs before choosing the one I liked best.  I really had fun with this! And am looking forward to getting the printed cards in the mail, ready to send to friends and family!

What about you? Do you send Christmas cards? letters? photo cards? or nothing at all?


Have a wonder-filled day,






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