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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Inspired by. . . appearances


"Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear."

One of my favorite scenes from Jurassic Park is when T-rex is chasing down the jeep. As the camera zooms in on the side mirror, you see his terrifying jaws framing the above words.

When Pixar repeated the scene in Toy Story with Rex (who is definitely NOT terrifying), I found it hilarious.




Point being: things are not always as they appear.

I've always tried to be very careful about judging based on appearances.  Many times people and circumstances are just what they appear to be.  But just as many times they are not.  Sometimes in life we find ourselves in situations we never dreamed of or wanted.  It's especially difficult if you're going through something you can't share or fully explain to those around you.  Especially when the circumstance reflects poorly on your witness for Christ.




It's important to seek Godly counsel, stay grounded in the Word and let God be your judge.  Trust and rely on what He says, not what others may, or may not think about your situation.

God often uses trials to bring us closer to Him.  To soften our hearts and make us more compassionate to others.  If you're going through a difficult time, I challenge you to try shifting the focus off your issue and consider what God might be doing.

Is He molding you? growing you? repairing you?


I am the true vine, and My Father is the vinedresser. Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit, He takes away;

and every branch that bears fruit, He prunes it so that it may bear more fruit." {John 15:1-2}


Pruning is never pleasant, but the results are always beautiful.










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  1. It can be tough to undergo that pruning, but God knows better than we do when we need it, doesn't He?

  2. Oh friend!!!! the pruning is tough....I am there and you are there... and I adore this post and thank you for sharing.. These are words that I needed..

  3. Would you believe it - I have never seen Jurassic Park!

  4. It's so true. God is wonderful, though, even when pruning to stand ever so closely, nurturing and allowing us to weep through the process.

  5. Thank you for the perspective! Take my eyes off of the problem and ask the Lord what He is trying to do in me. By the way, that's the second time I've heard that today. I think the Lord is trying to lovingly change my perspective.

  6. AMEN, I know this. Love the way you put it into words :)


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