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Monday, February 6, 2012

Inspired by... looking up


How often do you look up?

Is it only when you hear a plane? to check the weather? or roll your eyes heavenward?

Or do you look up seeking a new perspective? or inspiration?

Have you ever been walking along, having to watch your footing perhaps, and then suddenly looked up and been stunned by what you were missing?


“...no eye has seen, nor ear heard,
   nor the heart of man imagined,
what God has prepared for those who love Him”—


I think it's easy, at times, for all of us to just go through the motions of life. Forgetting that God has created us with an eternal purpose. That He has given us time, talent and treasure here on earth to use toward that purpose.

What is your greatest dream? your deepest desire? what makes you happy?



I guarantee that God's purpose and plan for you is greater than your dreams, deeper than your desires and promises eternal JOY!


This week, I challenge you to...


...look beyond the immediate task you're doing

...consider a greater dream

...a deeper desire

that God may be calling you to.

And, if you wish, tell me what you see.









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  1. AWWWW the cats are so sweet! Great Shots

  2. I think I will look up more :)

  3. I fully agree with you, to LOOK UP, another dimension to our lives. The only back side of looking up, is stumbling, but it is often worth what one has experienced. Your opening shot is exquisite..the composition and the coloring...and it fits in perfectly with your blog color scheme.
    This morning when I drove my little grandson to preschool we got out of the car and spent a few moments looking up into the stately trees, on the spy for birds. Alas, there were none, but the branches were very interesting. smiles: sharon


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