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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Inspired by... serendipity


Welcome to...


Happy Sunday, everyone! I'm excited to share with you a few unexpected and wonderful things I found this past week! And this week is extra serendipitous because everything I found, you've now found too!


{Free} Inspiration


winterl 2011 cover_thumb[1]

I was blessed to be on Twitter the other day when The Graphics Fairy "tweeted" about this little gem! Tons of great inspiration inside! And the best part is you can read it online for free! You'll probably recognize at least one of the contributors... Kellie Tate from Nest of Posies! (I'll be featuring one of her projects soon on an upcoming Inspired Noel!) The picture above is linked, so click on over for some great holiday inspiration!


{Free} Holiday Textures



Bonnie over at Pixel Dust Photo Art is offering her followers this beautiful set of holiday textures. Wouldn't they make lovely backgrounds for your personal Christmas cards, just as they are? I think they're lovely. Clicking on the image above will take you to Bonnie's blog and download link. Don't forget to thank the giver!


{Free} Advice



Shannon over at MadiganMade has shared some wonderful, helpful advice for those of you who may have your own blogs and are using Blogger. (click on her HTM button above to read more) I make a point to read every post I see about blogging tips. I have learned SO MUCH! Someday I'll know enough to write one of my own blogging tips posts. [smile]


I hope reading this post has been serendipitous for you!


Oh, and my little Rufus hummingbird was back yesterday! I can't believe he is still here this late in November. This is the latest I have ever seen a hummingbird. I may just have to leave my feeder up all winter!




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