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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Inspired by... Pili


Pili? What's a Pili? Actually, it isn't a What, it's a Who!

Pili (pronounced PEEL-ee) Aloha, to be exact. Our fourteen-year-old Blue and Gold Macaw. His name means "close friend" in Hawaiian. I've shared about him before HERE and HERE, if you're interested.

Aslan has been getting so much of the spotlight lately, I thought I'd play with some of Pili's pictures for a change.

He's gorgeous in the sunlight.

Kim Klassen's scriptededges texture; screen blend mode 100% applied twice


Klassen's golden texture, hard light blend 88%, background only


I decided to play a bit more with some of Photoshop's filters. Guess what they call this one, applied to the picture above:



I just love it! and it's giving me some super exciting creative ideas for some other projects! If you follow me on Pinterest, you might have an idea where I'm headed with this...


And finally, here's Pili's "head" shot:

One layer of Kim's paperstainedmusic, luminosity blend 69% and then a layer of

her shadesofNovember texture, multiply blend at 72%. Some light masking done on Pili on both

layers, mostly his face.


I think it has almost a "painted" look. What do you think? I was tempted to apply some Photo Shop filters to make it look ever more like a painting, but decided that Kim's textures did a pretty decent job all on their own!


I hope you've enjoyed today's photo art selections!

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  1. Hi June! He's a beauty! I always have bird eny, but with my feline staff, it just isn't possible! Thanks so much for your sweet congratulations on my pumpkins! Happy Thanksgiving!...hugs...Debbie

  2. I love the effect of that 3rd one! Beautifully creative. ...and your bird is stunning!

  3. What a gorgeous bird. I have parakeets and a cockatiel. That beak scares me! I love all the images, esp. the first. Oh, what a lovely name he has.

  4. such a beautiful bird, june - thanks so much for sharing; kareninkenai (TT)

  5. Awww, he's a beauty! Lovely edit, you got a nice 3d effect :)


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