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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Inspired by... comfort


Actually, that's Comfort, with a capital "C". As in, Comfort, Texas. You may remember from my curlicue post last week that I promised to share more about this charming town and why we were there.

However, before I share why we were in Comfort, I'd like to share with you some of it's charm.


 Mouse over the image to see the original!


I fell in love with all the old benches scattered around the town. It wasn't until we were getting ready to leave that I realized I should have taken pictures of all of them and done a pictorial on The Benches of Comfort! (I'm still learning how to think like a blogger!) That would have been fun!  The bench above was one of my favorites and I love the way Kim's new texture "back in" brings out all the warm rustic tones!


 Mouse over to see the original!


Despite our lack of rain, there were many flowers blooming around the town. The one pictured above is a climbing rose. I used Kim's If Only texture, followed by And Then Some, for this fun affect. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.

Want to see more beautiful blooms?  Look here and here!


And now for the why...


We went to witness the invasion.
The scarecrow invasion.




Actually, it wasn't an "invasion" by the time we got there – apparently many of the scarecrows had left town after the Antique Show the weekend before -  but we enjoyed strolling up and down High Street none-the-less. And we may or may not have stopped at the ice cream parlor for some Blue Bell ice cream.


This dynamic duo won 2nd place in the category "Only in Comfort"



These two cuties were part of the Best of the Bunch (love the hair!)
Child_2 Child
There was an Elvis sighting...
And this one was my favorite.
The Barber (outside the Barber Shoppe, of course!) won 2nd place for Best Theme.


All in all it was a lovely day! and we were glad for the excuse to go!
Have you visited any quaint little towns lately?
or gone somewhere specifically for a Fall related event?
I'd love to hear!





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  1. Lovely textured pictures! Like the mouseover effect to see the differences.

  2. Yes, please go back and photograph ALL the benches, this one is magnificent. What an adventure to a small town. Love all the scarecrows too.

  3. sooo happy to meet a fellow Texan!!!! and I am adding Comfort Texas to my list of places to visit....thanks for visiting me.. now I am a follwer

  4. Great shots! I love your use of texture on the bench shot - it's perfect.

  5. I love the mouseover idea. So neat to see before and after. Beautiful photos (both before and after). Thanks for stopping by to see me.

  6. What a beautiful set of photos . . . .I've thoroughly enjoyed the trip around your town . . .and I love the way you used Kims texture on the bench shot . . .lovely. Teresa x

  7. I love the idea of a community scarecrow contest. Lovely photos!


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