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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Inspired by... art


Some of you may remember from this weeks Serendipity post that I found a new texture artist last week. Bonnie, over at Pixel Dust Photo Art has an amazing talent and I'm thrilled to have another source for textures to play with!

This is my first week participating in her Photo Art Friday link party and I'm so excited to share my first result from playing with her textures with you!

In the past, I've used textures mostly to enhance my photos. Bonnie's textures, as well as her personal style, has challenged me to be less of a purest and to think in more abstract terms when applying textures and other forms of editing to my photos. I'd really love to hear what you think of the results!

The challenge this week was to "try something new". That was an easy one for me, since I'd never used her textures before, but I also tried something new by combining two of my photos.



I used two layers of Bonnie's Drops of Jupiter texture. One at 27% darken blend and then one at 49% luminosity blend. Then I layered everything with her Serve Life texture at 55% overlay blend. The "Today is the Day" brush is one of Kim Klassen's. The photos were taken on the Big Island of Hawaii.

I really love how it turned out! What do you think?

Can you tell I'm trying to think warm thoughts?

We put our portable greenhouse up today. It is suppose to get down to 30 degrees tonight. BRRR! I'm not ready... last year we didn't put the greenhouse up until the 14th. I wasn't ready then either. [smile]

I love Fall, but I'm a Summer baby all the way!






Sharing inspiration here:

Photo Art Friday


  1. June -- you have some fabulous photos here to work with. And, the textures are super lovely. Great job. Another thing you can try for a bit of "pop" or "clarity" some time is to do a mask with even a low percentage/value to clean up the flower a little bit -- just for another effect possibly. These things are always personal preferences and depends on the use of the image. Actually, you may have done that with the water because there isn't a lot of obvious texture in the shoreline I now notice. Very lovely work. LOL - I wouldn't mind some warmer weather either - but, then, I am in Alaska! Hugs. kareninkenai

  2. PS -- I want to peruse your Blog, too... the tacos look great! Smiles.

  3. beautiful collage, love the colors you combined!

  4. you definitely created a piece of art here. beautiful!

  5. Great work! The juxtaposition of two images that would not normally fit together, grabs the mind, which must stop, look and try to understand. Think that's why I love the abstract - as it jolts the mind out of its usual assumptions. Thank you so much for sharing this piece and your process with Photo Art Friday, June.

  6. This is beautiful! I love the effect of the texture on the water and shoreline.

  7. Gorgeous work with the textures and photos. What a lovely scenic place and the flowers just fit in perfectly.

  8. Hi June, love your blog and your image, lovely effect and thanks for the recipe, really inspiring!
    Blessings from down under!

  9. Wow! This came out beautifully. Like you I have pretty much been a purest with textures, but after seeing Bonny's work and yours, I am motivated to try something out of the box. Thank you for sharing!

  10. I love this composition with a nice texture and a delicious light.

  11. Nice composite. Aloha. Makes me want to be there sipping a MaiTai! It's been really cool here. Feels like winter instead of fall.

  12. An artful combination of photos and textures!


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