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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Inspired by... details


Many of you know I enjoy digital scrapbooking. I've shared many of my layouts, along with template freebies and computer desktop designs here on this blog. I enjoy the abundance of creative elements and papers available for the digi scrapper, as well as the ability to manipulate the pictures, improve picture quality, etc. But one of the best things about digital scrapbooking is the cost. It's extremely affordable compared to traditional scrapbooking. That was a big reason for me to make the switch.

Actually, I still do some traditional scrapbooking. In fact, I'm currently working on a two-album project for a friend. She had already purchased themed books, papers, stickers, etc. which was great, because my traditional scrapbooking stash is so lacking. We agreed I would do traditional scrapbooking pages until all her supplies were exhausted and then we'll switch to digital!


What I want to share with you today are some tips on how to save money when doing traditional scrapbooking layouts.


The two albums I'm working on for her are baby albums. One thing my friend did, that I would encourage you to do too is that she saved (nearly!) everything! Baby shower cards, bags, ribbons off the gift wrap, etc. Not only will these "elements" save you money when designing your pages, but they will also give the pages more meaning because they'll be made with things your received from friends and relatives. Here are a couple of examples:

I loved this gift bag she saved. The little duck fit the theme from one of her baby showers perfectly.




The rope was one of the handles off the gift bag. I took the bag apart, cut out the ducks, removed the blue "water" and then used the holes as a pattern to cut from on the actual page layout.




There was only one 3D duck on the bag, but I cut out the others and (making them 3D) used them along the top of the page.




The tag on the bag was this cute bottle of bubbles:




Here's a shot of the finished page, so you can see how the individual elements came together.




So many of the gift bags now days have 3 dimensional elements. As you can see, these are great to save and use on your scrapbook layouts.




Here's an adorable giraffe off another gift bag. I'm saving his other two "friends" for another page!

Greeting cards are another great resource for traditional scrapbooking elements.




I cut this little guy off one of the baby shower cards my friend received. I saved the handwritten part of the card and slipped it behind the page in the scrapbook. This was the perfect element for the "First Moments" page in my friends album.

These examples were for baby, but you can apply this practice to almost anything. Weddings, birthdays, graduation, etc. Really any meaningful cards, wrappings, etc. can be incorporated.

I hope these scrapbooking tips have inspired you!


Do you scrap? Digital? Traditional? Both?

I'd love for you to share some of your own tips and tricks in the comments!




PS If you're one of those people that bought all the stuff, saved all the pictures, but never got it done – shoot me an email, I'd love to help!




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  1. I don't scrapbook...I made one for my son when he was in high school and that just about did me in! These are great ideas. I would never have thought of a gift bag. Thanks for visiting my blog...have a really good weekend!

  2. I used to love scrapbooks, did one for me when I was a teen and two for each my daughters since the minute they were born, with cards they got, pics, hair they had when babies, etc. I love yours, go right ahead you will not regret, scrapbooks are the best! Thank you for your sweet and generous visit to my bithday post.
    Have a terrific weekend. FABBY

  3. Oh, forgot! I'm also your newest follower, hope you follow back too. Hugs, FABBY

  4. What a fantastic idea to use gift bags for scrapbooking. I LOVE the finished product. Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us.


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