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Monday, October 31, 2011

Inspired by... whatever


Every since the first ghoul made it's appearance in late August I've been thinking about what to say for today's post.

There is a lot I could say about the traditions that will be celebrated today and tonight.

But in the end, I decided that it really doesn't matter what I think.

It only matters what God thinks.




I pray your day and night are filled with lovely and excellent things.






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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Inspired by... serendipity


Welcome to another...



New to Serendipity Sunday? Every Sunday I share with you the unexpected and wonderful things I found that week! Finding unexpected and wonderful things is what serendipity is all about!

This week was chaotic! To say the least. You may have gathered that from my last post. I'm a home-body and this week I had something going on, or something I had to do every night. I dislike weeks like that because I feel like I.never.stop!

It also leaves very little time to take notice of the unexpected and wonderful things happening around me! I do have a couple of things to share with you though...


Update on Library Event

One of my fellow local authors put together a flyer for the upcoming Library event I told you about last week.



Bulverde Spring Branch Library Welcomes
The Hill Country Author Event
Held at the Bulverde Spring Branch Library on
November 5, 2011 from 5-6 pm
Visit www.bsblibrary.org for more information


If you're in the area, I'd love to meet you!  Here is my portion of the flyer:





Pixel Dust

Pixel Dust Photo Art


If you've been following along for very long, you'll know that I enjoy playing with textures! I was browsing and commenting on a few link parties earlier in the week and found Bonnie's blog, Pixel Dust Photo Art. Bonnie creates the most amazing, stunningly beautiful textures! She has many free textures available on her blog as well as individual textures and texture sets you can purchase. I can't wait to start playing! Thank you, Bonnie, for your generosity in sharing your creations!

So, I guess if you love playing with textures like I do, this is a serendipitous moment for you, too!


What other serendipitous finds did you have this week?




Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Inspired by... praise


Remember the exhilaration you used to feel on the last day of school? Your summer stretching out before you, full of fun, endless possibilities and... sleeping in nearly every morning? The freedom of having TIME to do what YOU wanted! Okay, it might be a distant memory, but still...


These days I get excited if I have two hours together when there's not something I should do, have to do or want to do. Many weeks end up like this one where various appointments and commitments converge creating chaos out of what you thought was going to be a normal week. Wait, maybe chaos is  my normal week? Ha, ha, well, you get the idea.

The point is, in the midst of the chaos (normal or not) it's easy to forget to be thankful. To forget to praise Him from whom all blessings flow. But somehow, when I do stop for a moment, and remember to be grateful, the chaos suddenly seems a little less chaotic.

Stopping and remembering to be grateful is something my church does, as a family of believers, every year around this time. We call it the Fall Festival of Praise and it is a time when we come together to worship, praise and thank God for the "harvest" He has produced in each of our lives over the last year. As the scripture verse in my blog header says, we acknowledge that all things come from Him.

This year I had the privilege of making the centerpieces for the tables and I'm so pleased with how they turned out.



They were really quite simple and inexpensive to make. I spent under $20 for ten centerpieces, so that is less that $2 a piece!  Whoo-hoo!




I used modge podge to apply the tissue paper to the clay pots, then added designs I'd cut from some scrapbooking paper I already had on hand.  Each pot is a little different. Unique.




I stuffed crumbled paper in the bottom of the pots to fill the extra space, then added the Spanish moss and nestled the pumpkins/gourds on top of the moss. I used one bag of moss for all ten pieces and even had some left over.




My friend M.E. cut the PRAISE letters out for me using her Cricut machine, which saved me a ton of time! I used burlap scraps left over from another project and my hot glue gun to glue the jute to the back of each triangle, then tied the pennants to bamboo skewers.




Of everything, the pennants took the longest to make and I had to keep reminding myself to glue them together backwards... otherwise all my centerpieces would say:  ESIARP

Which would not be good.




Aren't they darling? The mini pumpkins are my favorite.

As with (most) everything on this blog, these were a result of combined inspiration! I saw so many pumpkins nestled in vases and pots all over blog land that I couldn't possibly give credit to them all, but Kristol over at The Magic of Ordinary Things was definitely my inspiration for the pennants with her post about the reunion centerpieces she made back in August!


What's been inspiring you lately?







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Monday, October 24, 2011

Inspired by... curlicues


You may remember from my Cinderella post that I have a fondness for curlicues. Well, this past weekend I encountered all the curlicues (and bees!) a girl could want and I didn't have to climb through a pumpkin patch to get 'em!












Yup, I've been playin' with Kim's textures again... so fun!  There is a list at the end, if you're interested.

I just love finding and photographing patterns in nature! I could have spent hours just taking pictures of this vine and trying to capture more (I only achieved one!) of the thousands of bees that swarmed around gathering it's sweet nectar. If anyone knows what kind it is, please share. The blossoms look like tiny sweet peas!

This beautiful vine was growing proudly along High street in Comfort, Texas. We were there for an "invasion" which I'll share with you later this week. It was my first visit to Comfort and I must say, I was charmed!


What's your favorite (non human) thing to photograph?





Textures used: Photo 1: Thursday (overlay 100%) + vintage (multiply 100%) Photo 2: ifonly (pin light 66%) Photo 3: canvas magic (screen 100%) + atjoy (darken 100%) Photo 4: paperstainedmusic (hardlight 38%) + waterstainedframe (lighten 61%) Photo 5: Ugglove sepia (color 100%)


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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Inspired by... the walk



Turtle_Ephesians4 "I (Paul) therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner

worthy of the calling to which you have been called."


She isn't, by the way. The turtle. She isn't walking. She's just layin' there, soaking up the tropical Hawaiian rays. Some Christians are like that: sit and soak. I'll admit, I feel like doing that myself lots of times! I'm so thankful for the blessed Holy Spirit within me that convicts me and urges me (as Paul is doing in the above scripture) to WALK!

As Christians we are to walk in a manner worthy of our calling. What is our calling? We are called to be holy as God is holy.


"He who called you is holy; like Him, be holy in all your conduct." 1 Peter 1:16


"Um, God? I can't be holy like You."


We can't do anything good, righteous or holy apart from the Holy Spirit.


"Now we have received not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God,

that we might understand the things freely given us by God." 1 Cor 2:12


Not only understand the things of God, but do the things He calls us to do! So what is this walk suppose to look like? Paul tells us:


"Be humble always and gentle, and patient too, putting up with one another's failings in the spirit of love.

Spare no effort to make fast with bonds of peace the unity which the Spirit gives." Ephesians 4:2-3 (highlight mine)


(Am I the only one being convicted here?) Need more help? 2 Peter 1:5-7 gives us, what my friend D.C. calls, the mathematical equation for the Christian Walk.


"...make every effort to add virtue to your faith, knowledge to virtue, self-control to knowledge, fortitude to self-control,

piety to fortitude, brotherly affection to piety, and love to brotherly affection."


Peter spells it out pretty clearly for us in the next verse, "If you possess and develop these gifts, you will grow actively and effectively in knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ."

It all starts with faith. We must have faith in Jesus Christ in order to have received the gift of the Holy Spirit, who is the One who enables us to "possess and develop these gifts." To faith we add virtue, then we add knowledge (this refers to learning through experience), then self-control, then fortitude (strength of mind), then piety (a reverence for God), brotherly love and finally, love. Agape love. Unconditional, sacrificial love. The kind of love God has for us. The kind of love only God is capable of and only we can give when God is working through us.

See the progression of steps? Ah-ha! Progression of steps = walking!

Now I'm going to paraphrase one of Dora's lines from Finding Nemo. I haven't been able to get it out of my head since I watched the movie four weeks ago...

"Keep on walking... keep on walking... keep on walking..."






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Inspired by... serendipity


Welcome to another...



New to Serendipity Sunday? Every Sunday I share with you the unexpected and wonderful things I found that week! Finding unexpected and wonderful things is what serendipity is all about!

Fun, right? Let's get started!


A Share of the Crop


I had tried finding a local CSA Farm several months ago and was astounded that they were already full! Apparently the practice of buying from local farmers has become so popular you need to sign up early to secure your share! This week, to my delight, my friend K offered to let me (twist my arm ~ha!) buy her "share of the crop" for the next three weeks! (she's going to be too busy... or something... to eat all the yummy goodness) The picture above is (part of) this weeks share! Oh, my! That eggplant (on the left) was melt.in.your.mouth delicious! Thanks, K!


An Agent


A friend of mine has offered to help promote The Books!  If any of you are in the San Antonio area, I'll be participating in a book event for local authors at the Bulverde Library the evening of November 5th. If you're traveling up (or down) 281 that day, swing on in, I'd love to meet you! (more details to follow)


A Beautiful Testimony



I was touched and inspired by the story Dana at Make Them Wonder shared with us last week. If you haven't read it, I encourage you to click on over and be inspired!


A Serendipity for You!

Hair spray

When I saw this tip over at Ask Anna, I just knew I had to share it with y'all!  Her solution was definitely a "duh!" moment for me! 


So, what serendipitous finds did you have this week?





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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Inspired by... the islands


I've had the privilege of vacationing in Hawaii a few times and I treasure every memory (and photo!) from those trips! It was in Hawaii that I first tasted Mahi-Mahi and fell in love with this succulent, full-bodied white fish.

You can often find Mahi-Mahi at your local grocer at reasonable prices. If you're a Costco shopper, they sell a frozen Mahi-Mahi that I've had great success with in recipes like the one I'm sharing with you today.




Ginger Glazed Mahi-Mahi

Source: Allrecipes.com


3 T honey

3 T soy sauce

3 T balsamic vinegar

1 tsp grated fresh ginger root

1 clove garlic, crushed or to taste

2 tsp olive oil

4 (6oz) mahi-mahi fillets

salt and pepper to taste

1 T vegetable oil (I use olive oil or peanut oil)


1. Stir together the honey, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, ginger, garlic and 2tsp olive oil.




2. Season the fish fillets with salt and pepper, and place them in a shallow dish. (I actually use a sealable plastic bag for this step) If the fillets have skin on them (I use skinless), place them skin side down. Pour sauce over fillets, cover (if in a dish) and refrigerate for 20 minutes to marinate.

3. Heat vegetable oil (I use olive oil or peanut oil) in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Remove fish from the dish (or bag) and reserve marinade. Fry fish for 4 to 6 minutes on each side, turning only once, until the fish flakes easily with a fork.




4. Remove fillets to a serving platter and keep warm.

5. Pour reserved marinade into the skillet, and heat over medium heat until the mixture reduces to a glaze consistency. Spoon glaze over fish, and serve immediately.



Quick, easy and delicious every time!


What's your favorite fish?



Mahalo for visiting today!







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