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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Inspired by... rain


Yes, rain! PTL! It rained here yesterday! I immediately opened the windows and did a little happy dance! Aslan seemed quite excited as well and promptly demanded, OUT!

Have I mentioned my cat loves water?

My guess is no one ever told him that he wasn't suppose to.

Since it was raining, I foolishly thought it would be safe to let him roam around on the porch without the leash. But after faking me out inspecting the far corner for bugs, he bolted, straight out into the rain and up a tree. Of course the tree was wet and slippery, so I'm on the edge of the porch (it was raining harder by now) hollering at him, my heart pounding, waiting for him to slip and fall to his death (I don't necessarily believe that nonsense about 9 lives or cats always landing on the their feet).


Aslan, of course, roundly ignores me trots out onto the outer-most branch and begins chewing a twig. Suddenly, it begins to teem. And I mean so hard that it was like looking through a veil of silver. This is the part where I wish I'd had time to grab my video camera. I hope you can picture this:

The tree he had climbed grows less than a foot away from another tree of equal size. As Aslan came down the tree he slipped and ended up with his front feet on one tree and his back feet on the other, stalled. Just as his mamma (me) was going to run out to save him (remember, it's teeming! The sacrifices...) he regroups and next thing I see he has his two left legs on one tree and his two right legs on the other one! Doing a split between the two trees!

It would have been quite a thing to capture on film. He wasn't in the position very long! He very quickly reclaimed the ground and raced back to the protection of the porch! Where I promptly snapped his leash on him. No way was his drenched feline self coming into my house!

The funny thing is, he wasn't fazed in the least. He promptly laid down and (ignoring me and my camera, which I quickly fetched) began grooming.


And grooming...


...and grooming.


He was pretty disgusted with me making him into a photo shoot. But I figured after what he had just put me through, I deserved to get something out of the deal (besides a clean cat!).

The rain, along with Kim Klassen's newest texture, Thursday, gave me the opportunity to play a bit. So I'll share some images from our lovely rainstorm with you:





I couldn't resist this shot. The droplets are so big, they look like polka-dots!



My porchulaca that reseeded itself from last year and sprouted only because it was getting drainage water from the fern hanging above it!


The rain also brought out of hiding some of the Order of the Mantidae.

Praying_Mantis "Hey! Are you lookin' at me?"

I'm fascinated by bugs and insects and enjoy taking pictures of them. Wouldn't it be fun to have a macro lens? A girl can dream!

What do you enjoy taking pictures of?


Thank you for praying for rain for Texas.

Please keep praying!





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