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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Inspired by... gratitude {freebie}


Yikes! September already? When did that happen? Oh, today. Right. Well, August was a blur. And it seems like I say that every month. So I guess I really.need.to.slow.down!

Although not officially Fall (that doesn't happen until the 23rd, let's not rush it, people!) I have started thinking about what to do for Fall decor this year.

When I think of Fall I think of thanksgiving. Not necessarily the holiday, although there is that. In the agricultural world, Fall is a time of harvest. Bringing in the bounty from the fields and gardens.

Whether or not we have literal fields and gardens, we've all harvested something this year. We've all been blessed.

So, for me, this time of year is a time for (mentally) gathering my blessings. Examining them. Not just the casual, "I'm thankful for my health."  Hello!  I am SO thankful that God has blessed me with good health!

Gathering, examining.

Thanking God.

Practicing GRATITUDE.

Praising HIM.

I decided I wanted a more visual way to do that this year. And in a way that might witness and encourage others.

Seeing this lovely dry erase board of Jessica's, (I just love the zebra damask fabric she used!) gave me an idea.



I was hoping to find a vintage pumpkin graphic I liked over at The Graphics Fairy, but I didn't, so I drew my own. That fabulous background is from The Graphics Fairy though. And it was exactly what I was looking for! Here's a close up of the image, with a link to a {free} downloadable zip file, if you're interested in making one of these boards for yourself.



Here's a list of some of the blessings I'm feeling grateful for this season:

  • Jesus
  • Family
  • Health
  • Friends
  • Aslan


What would you write on your board?







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  1. I love that background. I have used it several times. I like what you did with it!

  2. Hi June, This was one of my Fabulous Friday Favorites. It's my pleasure to be featuring you today in my favorites post. Please feel free to take an "I Was Featured" button. And I hope to see you again next week!

    Warmly, Michelle


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