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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Inspired by... fabric


Several years ago (more than ten) I worked for a design company that was doing the interior of a hotel in downtown Scottsdale, AZ. I don't remember how many rooms, but it was an impressive contract. It was a fun experience. Now, I can't enter a restaurant or public building without noticing the light fixtures, color scheme, fabrics, etc.  It's an interesting perspective.

We acquired tons of samples on this job and there were two fabrics, selected for the lounge that I particularly liked. My boss kindly gave these pieces to me when we were done with the project.

I've been saving them for over ten years, intending to make pillows, and this week, I finally did it!




The one on the left we purchased with the couch. The two I made are the purple stripe and the pillow in front with the gold lizard motif. I remember the purple stripe had been chosen for the bar stools, but I can't remember what the lizard material was for.

For the purple pillow, I followed an easy "envelope" pillow tutorial found here and here.

Seriously easy.

I was a little worried that my old Viking machine couldn't handle the thickness of the upholstery fabric, especially where you have to go over 3 layers, but it clicked along like a dream! (I pretty much just closed my eyes and pressed down on the pedal at this point!)

I had been waiting for trims or buttons to go on sale at Joann's so I could find something for the ends of the lizard pillow, but they never did, so I made my own with some cording I had in my stash.





I did not follow a pattern for the lizard pillow. I simply measured my pillow form to determine how much fabric I would need, pretty much the same way you decide how much paper you need to wrap a package. Cut, sewed the long edge, stuffed the form inside (made sure it was centered) then made a running stitch at each end, cinched the fabric together and stitched to secure.




I love the way they turned out! And they work with the color scheme in the master bedroom too! So if I get tired of them in the living room, I'll move them in there!

Do you have anything special (fabric or otherwise) you've been saving for just the perfect project?  I'd love to hear!







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  1. First of all, I love your couch! Second, your pillows are lovely. The lizard print with the rolled cord button is my favorite. That purple pillow could anchor a black and purple Halloween theme! Good job!


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