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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Inspired by... autumn


Never mind that Fall doesn't officially begin until the 23rd, it's been such a hot summer that the suddenly cooler nights (and in some regions, days) have us all eager to begin focusing on pumpkins, colored leaves and mums. I'm a summer girl, but I do love autumn. The only problem I have with autumn is that it's followed by winter [smile].

I have a couple of Fall projects that I'll be sharing with you soon. In the meantime, I thought I'd share some inspiration...



I fell in love with these swan-neck gourds last year. These would look so pretty hanging over the railing on my front porch!


Another touch of whimsy! My mom collects hedgehogs and I just couldn't resist these! (If these people do this for Fall imagine what their yard looks like at Christmas!)



Hoo-t can resist this cuteness!



I'm always looking for ideas for filler in candle holders and hurricanes. This picture gets too blurry if I make it any bigger, but the stuff on the bottom is kernels of corn! What a great idea! And if you used Indian corn it would add even more color... maybe paired with some mulberry colored candles, hmm...



Love this idea using felt leaves to dress up the buffet table!



Corn husks! Love those mulberry tones!



Stunning centerpiece! I love using natural grasses in Fall displays.




A little large for a centerpiece, but I think this would look great on the hearth. I would need to add some more of the colorful gourds to my display though.  All this white would get lost against my limestone fireplace.



Since we're on the subject of white pumpkins... I love these!  I see a DIY knockoff in my future!



More pumpkins! These are paper. Love the curly Q's!



Even more paper pumpkins! 


There is so much inspiration out there!  These were just a few of my favorites.  You can find all the links to the original sources on my Pinterest boards.  (A couple of these, like the paper pumpkins have tutorials.) That is one of the things I love about Pinterest, I can track back to where I found the idea originally – which is really helpful when tutorials are given!

If you are a visual person, I think you will find Pinterest much easier than trying to locate a website in your list of bookmarks or favorites!  Need an invite? Leave me a comment with our email address and I'll send you one!

Oh, and speaking of cooler weather, we've been leaving our windows open and I just have to share this last photo with you...


Don't those ears just crack you up?

(His head is pressed against the screen)

You can see more of my baby kitty, Aslan, here.


So, what's inspiring you this Fall?

I'd love to hear!





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  1. Fall is by far my favorite season (though I don't love what's soon to follow). Those hedgehogs are the cutest -- and I love your curly-Q pumpkins, too!


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