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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Inspired by... Sabrina



The theme for Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday this week is A Movie.

(Congrats to Olivia for coming up with the idea)

I have to admit, I wasn't sure I'd participate in this one, since I'm not a movie buff, but then I remembered the movie references I'd made in one of The Books and knew I had to share...

This photo.


(Textured with Kim Klassen's canvas magic)

It doesn't exactly go along with my movie title, but it does remind me of the scenes that take place on Martha's Vineyard which are some of my favorites from the movie.

"They say you're the world's only living heart donor."

So,why do I like this movie?

I've been pondering that ever since I decided to do this post.

(BTW, I've noticed a trend in my life lately of over analyzing the "why" behind my feelings. This may have something to do with me turning 40... or not.)

I think there are several reasons.

The main reason is probably because, and I freely admit this, I am a hopeless romantic (not hopeless- I hope!).


Sabrina is a classic love story.

(I love both the original and the 1995 version)

Harrison Ford is one of my favorite actors. He's real.

Julia Ormond is charming.

(Spoiler alert!)

I love the contrasts in this movie. How Sabrina's "love" for David is shown as infatuation, while her love for Linus isn't the beginning, but the result of a relationship based in reality.

I love Louis' sweetness toward Sabrina while she's in Paris.

I love how Sabrina blossoms in Paris. How she learns to be real.

"Paris is always a good idea."

Was there an event or period in your life that changed your perspective significantly?

I love how Sabrina shows Linus where he's not being real in his life.

"I know you work in the real world and you're very good at it. But that's work. Where do you live, Linus?"

I love that Sabrina's father became a chauffeur so he could indulge in his passion for books.

Just what I need! A job that will pay for my passion and also give me plenty of time to indulge in it!

I love that by the end of the movie, all the characters have learned something about themselves and embrace what they've learned.

In the book, Pearl of Great Price: The Pearl, the main character, Cassi, spends several years in Paris and when she returns home, she lives in a small cottage on the beach on Cape Cod.

Quotes from Sabrina seemed to naturally find their way into the text as I was writing some of the dialogue between Cassi and Bradley. I had fun with it.

And, yes, I'm being a bit of a tease here. I hope you'll forgive me.

Cassi's story hasn't been published yet. It's currently being edited and should be released by Christmas.

I hope!

I also hope you'll click over to The Cafe and see what everyone came up with for the theme this week. It should be fun to see all the different interpretations!


So, what is one of your favorite movies? And why?






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  1. Such a beautiful image. Love the colors and the reflections.And 'canvas magic' goes so well with it!

  2. What a lovely story, I don't think I saw the original but I loved the newer version. I have the soundtrack and love the music. Time to rent the movie and see it again. Maybe find the original.

  3. Beautiful image for this weeks' theme. I struggled with it this week which is why I created an image first and then thought of a movie title. If I had to pick some actual favorites though Top Gun and Legends of the Fall, would be among them.

  4. I agree, Sabrina is a wonderful movie. I really like the photo you chose and your explanation as to why.

  5. Oh, we have got to watch Sabrina again! Both versions! This theme is fun!

  6. oh, how I love boat pictures! and Sabrina is a fabulous movie choice :)

  7. What a great photo! I love all the brightly colored boats.

  8. Nice shot and the texture definitely makes it look like it's on canvas. I love that movie too...and as far as I'm concerned when it comes to "Romance" nobody is "hopeless".

    Thanks for sharing.


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