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Monday, July 25, 2011

Inspired by... dreams

If you've reviewed any of my past posts, then you'll know that dreams are pretty important to me. 
The Books all started with a dream and much of my inspiration still comes that way.

So I was pleased when Kim Klassen announced her photo challenge for this week:
 I used her Golden Texture as a color layer, opacity 86% and then masked back in the ocean.  This picture was taken on the north shore of Hawaii (Big Island)

Here is the original:
Yes, the colors are real.  So real, they take your breath away.

I chose this picture because, even though I've been there in real life, Hawaii is still like a dream to me.  Everything about it is just a little bit surreal.  Kinda like looking across the Grand Canyon or up at the red rocks of Sedona.

Do you know places like that?

I'm curious to see the other photos that are posted in the Dream challenge.  I would venture to guess that when most people think of dreams, they think of the things they wish they could do, or want to do someday rather than the "while you are sleeping" kind of dreams that I tend to think of.
Not that the other kinds are bad.  
They can help us set goals and give us something to aspire to.  But I tend to be a more "in the moment" kinda girl.  Some of this, perhaps, comes with age.  Looking back, I can see I spent a lot of my life wishing for something different, better, etc.

I don't know about you, but I don't want to wish the rest of my life away.  I don't want to miss one single thing that God has for me...  
To be Content in my present circumstances, grateful for what I have, finding JOY in each moment.
I think these are attitudes that please Him.
And I guess, if I were to have a dream, that's what it would be...  
To hear Him say, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

What about you?  What's your dream?


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  1. beautiful...i believe in living in the now too...life is a gift! :)

  2. wow so pretty! i want to try some things with photoshop now!

    thanks for stopping by!
    Brie @ breezypinkdaisies.blogspot.com


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