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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Inspired by... pink

Confession time. 
I was at the craft store the other week and the first thing that caught my eye even before I had entered the store was this little plastic tote.

Here's the confession part: I bought it just because it was pink!  The fact that I thought it was priced at $2 also might have had something to do with it.  It wasn't, two dollars that is. It was $5.  Of course I didn't catch that until I was half way home.  I really hate dislike having to return things...

SO... I decided to dress her up instead!

First... I cut some small slits about 2" apart all the way around the top of the tote, using my grid cutting board as a guide. (Don't worry about being exact)

Next... I cut some ribbon in (approx) 6" lengths.  My ribbon was 3/4" wide, but experimenting with different ribbon thicknesses will just add to the fun!  I attached a safety pin to one end to pull it through the cut in the plastic.  Hint: as soon as the ribbon is through, remove the pin and use your fingers to tug the rest of the ribbon through.  Pulling too much with the pin will damage your ribbon.
Tie your ribbon.  Cut the ends at an angle (if you wish) and burn the ends to prevent fraying.

I also added some bling...
... on the sides of the tote.  Just for fun!

Here's how she turned out.

What do you think?

This would be a great tote for the beach/pool because it's plastic.

Here are some other ideas:

  • Magazines
  • Books
  • Toilet Tissue
  • Baby Shower gift "wrap" (diapers, burp cloths, etc.)
  • Birthday gift "wrap"
  • BBQ/picnic accessories (plates, napkins, utensils, etc.)
  • File Folder/Scrapbook paper storage
  • Storage container for little girls (or big girls!) room

I'd love to hear what other great usage ideas
you can come up with!

And check back next week for more inspirations in pink!


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  1. Very cute! I love all the fun ribbon! I hate returning stuff too:)

  2. I am a sucker for a cute tote and I love this!!! Love everything about it!!!
    following you now.

  3. love the bling....also the ideas on what to do with the tote after blinging it!

  4. super cute! I found your blog through a link party and LOVE it! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would check out my blog and follow me too! Thanks!


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