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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Inspired by... overcomer's

My friend, K, and I both love to cook. We can both identify with Penzey's Spices motto "Cook to Love ~ Love to Cook" (incidentally, we love their spices, too!).  K is a Titus 2 woman, an Oikouros or a "Guardian of the Home."  She takes care of her home, her man and her family.  I greatly admire women who have answered this as their life's calling.  In fact, many of the women in the blogging community I now find myself a part of are wives and mothers who either work from home so they can "work" at home or have made their families their "work." (Sorry, I'm not up on the current politically correct term for this! Maybe one of you can enlighten me).  Interestingly enough, K is the reason I began reading blogs in the first place.

A little over a year ago, while researching various health issues, K determined that she might have a Gluten intolerance.  Obviously, as friends who "cook to love - love to cook" together, K wasn't the only one who had to learn to make some changes!  As I began searching for gluten-free recipes, I was amazed at how many blogs (really good blogs!) there were out there and how easy and healthy eating gluten-free can be.  As Shirley from gfe-gluten free easily shares, "Naturally gluten free foods are ones that you’ve been enjoying all your life without realizing they were gluten free."  These bloggers have inspired me to eat healthier.

But that's not all... many of them inspire me with their stories...

Many of these woman have suffered from gluten-intolerance or Celiac disease their entire lives.  (Accurate diangnosis of Celiac and food intolerances in general is still very sketchy).  Imagine finally learning that by changing what you ate, you could change the way you felt?  As gluten-free girl, Shauna Ahem says, "Being diagnosed with celiac changed my life, in ways that I could never stop listing. Now, I am no longer low energy, prone to falling ill, or depressed. Now, I am free. Now, I am alive."  You can read her amazing story here. 

Shauna and her chef husband, Danny love food and love life and that shines through boldly in the writing of their blog: gluten-free girl and the chef

Other Gfree bloggers like Lexie and Kelly have children with intolerances not only to gluten but also to dairy (casein) and sugar.  They began their journey in an effort to make their children well, and blog because they want to share their experiences (and what they are leanring!) with others.  As Lexie shares, "As so many bloggers have inspired me, I hope that this site will, in turn, encourage and inspire..." 

You can get inspiration from them,


 and here  

In addition, Kelly has some inspiring things to share about how diet has helped her daughter who has autism and Lexie has some great non-food posts like this one for homemade deodorant (I've made it - and love it!).

Other bloggers, like Ali and Tom who blog over at The Wholelife Nutrition Kitchen, also blog about food issues that affect all of us.  Like mercury levels in fish, good foods to nourish a new mom (and foods to avoid!).

Real Sustance is another great blog that focuses on REAL food that enriches our lives.  (Versus the Standard American Diet which seems to have become almost entirely processed foods).  Brittany has a passion and love for food that's contagious.  Her Vegetable Meatloaf with Balsamic Glaze is a favorite at my house (and everybody said they wouldn't like it -ha!).

There are lot's of other great blogs and websites out there that speak to these topics.  The blogs mentioned above are ones that have inspired me personally.  I share all of this with you for several reasons:


Because these men and women inspire me.  They are overcomer's!  Instead of focusing on what they can't eat, they focus on making what they can eat the very best. 

Do they inspire you? What blogs inspire you? and why?


To give you hope.  If you're struggling with health issues that may be related to diet, don't dispair.  These bloggers (and others) are waiting to share a whole new, and healthy, world with you.

I'd love to know if any of these inspiring blogs help you!


To convince you.  If you're one of those people who think all the gluten-free stuff you've started seeing at your grocery store lately is just the latest fad - it's not.  For many who've been struggling with their diet for years, it's freedom to eat the foods they love.

Despite recent advances, many people, even those in the food industry, don't know or understand what gluten or being gluten free means.  My friend K and I have to swallow our chuckles when we ask the waitsperson if they have a gluten-free menu and they refer us to the "low fat" menu instead. (A-hem!)  Even my husband gives me a look as if I've asked him to drink caster oil when I offer him something gluten-free.  (I've tried to explain that those bananas (and many other things!) he loves are gluten-free, but I'm still not sure he "gets" it.)

Try it, you just might like it.  I guarantee, your body will thank you
and if you do, I'd love to hear about your experience!


  1. June! Just read your email! What a wonderful thoughtful post :) Thank you so much for the mention (means so much) and it is such a gift to hear that someone has tried a recipe and enjoys it. Makes all the hours of testing and work to prepare and share the recipes worth it. I will be stopping by as often as I can!
    Big XO.

  2. thank you for posting... I'm new to the GF world, mostly for my health and well being not due to health issues or illness (that I know of anyway) I'm definitely checking out some of these blogs... I already subscribe to some of them. LOL.

  3. Hi June--What a fantastic, heartfelt post! I'm so honored to be included, dear. :-) I so appreciate you spreading the word on eating gfe, too! I absolutely love being in your "overcomer" group. ;-) Keep educating folks and making great gluten-free food so your husband will be convinced it's really good stuff!

  4. Lovely post! Brittany, Shirley, and all of the other bloggers you mentioned are truly inspiring! Many of them were some of the first blogs I read when I started eating gluten-free, and they've helped me tremendously.

  5. I love reading blogs that support eating good, real food.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet comment!


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