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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Inspired by... dreams, cont.

At the end of my previous "dreams" post, I promised to return and explain why having people like the book was so intimidating... well, there are several reasons, but I think the biggest one, which I realized right away when people starting reading the book and wanting their friends to read it, etc. was that it was no longer just for me. It was no longer about "finishing a dream." It had become bigger than that.

Now don't get the wrong idea. I'm not on any top ten lists, and likely never will be. But people were being impacted (positively!) by what they read. As an example, one reader said:
"What a beautiful and inspiring story. Every once in awhile you find yourself in a story that seems to be written with you in mind. Every page was a honor to read. I enjoyed it immensely." J.R., Manchester, VT
Comments like that are very humbling. Having readers feel this way about the books changed why I write (more on that later!). Writing holds a measure of responsibility (to the reader) that I take very seriously.

It's been ten years since I began Heart's Desire. In that time six more books have found their way to completion and four have been published. (Stay tuned, we'll being announcing the release of #5 very soon!)

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  1. June,

    Love your musings about your writing. I just write a blog, but even on a small scale when you start to share your writing... it is no longer just about 'you'. The reader is a part of that experience. It is nice when you hear that your words reached someone, even in a small way.
    I am so flattered that you included me in your blog roll! Thank you.


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