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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The pendulum swings. 

As humans, we tend to rush blindly to one end or the other. This is true with most anything and the Law of God is no exception. We either view God's law as the solution and move far to the legalism side or we view it as the problem and move far to antinomianism (anti-law) side. 

Somewhere in the middle, we find freedom.

But we may have to set aside some negative thought processes to get there.

As our Pastor spoke from Romans and Hebrews this past weekend he reminded us that we are not under the law as a means of justification.

Even as I was agreeing with him in my mind he asked the question, "What is your response when the evil one accuses you?"

I don't know about you, friend, but that one hit me dead center.

Why? Because my response is to fumble around in my box of good deeds as I lamely attempt to point out where I haven't failed. The result? The enemy just laughs and heaps further condemnation because he knows that my good deeds will never be enough. They will enslave me as sure as sin itself.

He knows that good deeds offered year after year never bring the worshipper to perfection. (Heb 10:1)

My response reveals that I am still looking for justification through obedience to God's law. I am looking in the wrong place, beloved!

Our justification, being made righteous before God, is achieved through Christ alone. (Rom 5:9; Rom 5:15: 1Cor 1:30; 2Cor 5:21)

When the enemy accuses, our right response is to point to the blood and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. 

All our sins, past, present, and future were forgiven at the cross. 

Period! End of story!

Yet the enemy likes to talk and cajole and stir up doubt. That's when we need to shut him down with the truths of scripture. 

We are justified by Christ alone, covered by the power of His blood.
"It follows that there is now no condemnation for those who are united with Christ Jesus. In Christ Jesus, the life-giving law of the Spirit has set you free from the law of sin and death." Rom 8:1-2
Let us live in that freedom. A life that rejoices to be commanded by the One whom it loves most. One Who is completely trustworthy and true.


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