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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Inspired by . . . Winter's Growth

I thought it might be a little difficult to continue writing about Winter once Spring started to make her appearance. But then, two noreasters blew through the eastern states and this morning I woke up to 32 degrees and frosty windows! I know that many of you have snow for the first time all winter.

Spring can be a tease and Winter a hard taskmaster. We can experience similar seasons in our spiritual lives. Just when we think we're ready to zoom and bloom, God tells us to slow down and wait.

Unlike snow and ice that gives no thought to what it might destroy in its wake, God's timing is always perfect - - seeking only our good. Rather than be frustrated when God asks us to wait, we should view the time as an opportunity for growing in faith and seeking deeper communion with Him. [click to tweet]

Our culture has taught against this but waiting is a gift, an opportunity to invest our "talents" wisely until the Lord returns. (Matthew 25:18-30)

My flower beds don't look like much right now; brown dirt and dead leaves. 

It's only when I rake away the dead leaves that I can see the growth underneath. During the long wait of winter, the perennials have rested, dormant, waiting. Their growth hidden beneath the ground and decaying leaves.

Our spiritual growth can be like that sometimes. We don't always realize how God is equipping us until the challenge (good or bad) appears. In my own life, I've found that God is often working most profoundly during those times when I feel the weakest - - when I am most unaware. Those slow and restful walks down from the mountaintop experiences prepare us to cross the valleys below. [click to tweet]

It is important to remember that the valleys are not always dry, harsh places of pain and wandering. Often they are valleys of vision. A place where God speaks to us and gives us words and works to share with others. (Eze 3:22) Sometimes they are valleys of strength where God provides rest and refreshment. (Psalm 84:6-7)

No matter which valley you find yourself traveling in today, I hope that this season of spring with its tender shoots of new growth will be a reminder to you that God is working. He's working quietly in our lives and in the world around us. 

His work is a redeeming work of mercy and grace. A work of rendering broken hearts and making them whole again; preparing them to walk in another valley one day. It is a valley wide and deep with little bands of pilgrims scattered here and there. All of them walking beside the river of the water of life. A river that shines as bright as a crystal flowing from the throne of God and the Lamb. (Rev 22)

I hope to see you there.


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